'Tehran' Episode 6 Preview: How will Faraz Kamali get his wife back from the Mossad agents?

'Tehran' Episode 6 Preview:  How will Faraz Kamali get his wife back from the Mossad agents?

Last week's episode of 'Tehran' was a shocking one as we witnessed Massoud's death. Faraz Kamali (Shaun Toub) had been put in a spot, as the Mossad agents had kidnapped his wife, with the condition: Release Massoud. Faraz unwillingly does so but tells him that things have become personal now. After learning the truth about Faraz's wife, Massoud makes the grave mistake of telling the Mossad agents that he doesn't wish to leave Tehran, as he fears for his family. This complicates matters, as he knows too much now and could be a liability. And so, at the end of the episode, he's shot dead, with Faraz staring at the scene in horror. 


After the rave party, Milad (Shervin Alenabi) and Tamar (Niv Sultan) return to Tehran. Milad has plans for a revolution to illustrate the hatred he has for the regime and is sure that Tamar is on the same page as well. He is still not aware of her real identity as a Mossad agent and the reason why she infiltrated Iran in the first place. His friend is highly suspicious of her and believes that she has some ulterior motives.  He plans to unravel her real identity. Meanwhile, Faraz has to look after another route as Mossad refuses to give back his wife. 


The synopsis for Episode 6 of 'Tehran' reads, "Tamar and Milad return to Tehran and blackmail their electric company contact; Kadosh tries to convince Gorev to approve Tamar's new plan."

'Tehran' revolves around Tamar, a woman who has to return to the city where she was born, as a Mossad agent. She is tasked with a dangerous nuclear mission that goes awry in the first episode, leading her to be on the run after that. She finds refuge in a student protester named Milad and an unlikely romance blossoms between them as she struggles to carry out her mission. However, counter-surveillance agent Faraz Kamali is hot on her trail and isn't going to let her get away that easily.


Full of intrigue and twists, ‘Tehran’ Episode 6 is set to release on Friday, October 16, 2020, on Apple TV+ at 12 am PT. 

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