'Tehran' Episode 5 Preview: Will Milad learn about Tamar's real identity even as Massoud holds his ground?

'Tehran' Episode 5 Preview: Will Milad learn about Tamar's real identity even as Massoud holds his ground?

The twists and turns in 'Tehran' continue to bowl fans over. At the end of Episode 3, we saw Tamar (Niv Sultan) being surrounded by angry students and Massoud (Navid Neghaban) being hauled in for interrogation. In Episode 4, Tamar is attacked by Razieh and her friends. She finds refuge at Milad's (Shervin Alenabi) house, who starts wondering about her real motives.

With icy composure,Tamar relays Zhila's story and takes on her identity once again. She explains the sorrows of Zhila's abusive marriage as well as the wandering eyes of her boss who almost tried to rape her. Milad buys this story and a romance between the two of them begins to grow. At the end of the episode, the two of them share a kiss.

The romance is brewing, but how long before it's struck down? Faraz (Shaun Toub) is not backing down and is all the more determined to track down Tamar. He managed to talk to Tamar's aunt, Aarezoo, who is shocked to know that her niece is a Mossad agent. Aarezoo tells Faraz that she had asked Tamar to leave after the student protests.

Meanwhile, Massoud is still in Faraz's custody. Currently, he is still holding his ground, but it remains to be seen when Faraz will begin torturing him for information about Tamar. Faraz's personal life is not going all that well either, as his wife is ill, though she's undergoing treatment at the moment. The synopsis for the next episode reads, "At an underground rave with Milad and other commune members, Tamar must prove her loyalty; Faraz and Tabrizi reach a boiling point."

Tehran' captures a woman's plight as she embarks on a dangerous mission in her hometown. The show first aired in Israel on channel Kan 11 on June 22, 2020, and gained a fan base quite quickly. It follows a Mossad agent named Tamar Rabinyan played by Niv Sultan as she goes undercover in Tehran. However, after one fatal accident, she is on the run from Intelligence forces, led by Faraz Kamali.

Toub, who plays Faraz, told MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) that Faraz wasn't just another unidimensional bad guy, and that he had "layers" to him. "I'm not attracted to characters that are just bad guys. I wanted to make sure that the audience really understands the complexity of the human as a man. When you see him with his wife, he's so gentle. He's so sweet, and you see him as just the man."

"And then on the other side, you see the complexity of his character when he's at work and the love of country and he feels that he's responsible. And he's a high ranking officer in Iran. He feels that he has to do his best and it's really tough for him to balance both," he added.

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