Teens brutally killed their mother because they couldn't stand her complaining

Michael Wilson and Dakota Saldivar confessed of killing their mother multiple times and they have been denied bail.

                            Teens brutally killed their mother because they couldn't stand her complaining
(Source:Police Departmnt)

Two teens who have been accused of killing their mother were denied bail on Thursday (August 2). The two teens are identified to be Dakota Salvidar and Michael Wilson. Sergeant Adam Tippetts said that the police investigated the scene after their mother, Dawn Liebig, 46 was reported missing.

According to the police report, the situation came to light after a man from Idaho called the office to ask about a welfare check that was done a week prior to the missing complaint of Dawn. The man told Detective Gibbs that he did not trust the two teens but the deputy who responded stated that she could have gone out of town. However, when Deputy Armendariz did a follow up on her whereabouts, they realized that her phone had been at home all this time.

Michael Wilson and Dakota Saldivar (Nye County Sheriff's Office)


This led them to file a missing person report. In order to further understand the case, Gibbs contacted a man who is not identified and he was informed that both the teens, Michael and Dakota had a different story when asked about their mother, Dawn. The man reportedly told Gibbs that Dawn had multiple disabilities and he believes that the cause of her death had been "the type of family she is in." 

Detectives Gibbs, along with two other detectives, Cox and Parra went to the home to speak with both teens. Upon questioning, the teens denied knowing what had happened to their mother. After being questioned for additional information and having their phones checked by the police, the detectives realized that their story was inconsistent.

When Michael was confronted with a text that said "my mom passed away," he confessed that he and Dakota had stabbed their mother to death and buried her body in a two-foot deep grave, as reported by Fox Vegas 5. Michael further added that Dawn had asked him to kill her. Michael, who said he was adopted by Liebig and had lived with her for five years, took the detectives to the place where the two teens had buried Dawn. 

The detectives also found the murder weapon buried nearby. It is unknown if Dakota was also adopted. The two have an older brother, Michael Liebig, who was reportedly in jail at the time of the brothers' arrest. When Dakota was questioned about the murder, he said they decided on July 19 to murder their mother because "they couldn't take her complaining." Detectives also noticed that Dawn had been inactive on Facebook since the date mentioned by the teens. 

"I'm [sic] a mom that hope she did okay.i [sic] want my boys to become the men I [sic] hoped for.i [sic] live for them," the bio on her Facebook page reads. That night the boys waited for their mother to fall asleep and then planned to stab her jugular vein so she would die quickly. Michael stabbed her neck and she reportedly cried out "No". 

Dakota then struck her with a hammer 20 times in the head. Dakota noted that their mother was crying out for help from the two teens as she was not aware it was them who attacked her. The attack lasted 25 minutes and the two stopped only when the hammer went through their mother's skull. He then stabbed her again at the back of her neck with a pocket knife and then took her to the mountains to bury her. The teens were both arrested for open murder, conspiracy to commit murder and domestic battery with a deadly weapon.

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