Teens arrested in vandalism of Christmas decorations that were put up for 2-year-old boy with rare brain cancer

Teens arrested in vandalism of Christmas decorations that were put up for 2-year-old boy with rare brain cancer

Colerain police arrested two teenagers on Wednesday, who apparently confessed to slashing neighborhood Christmas decorations that were put up early for a 2-year-old boy with cancer. 

The early Christmas decorations were put up in Colerain, Cincinnati was for 2-year-old Brody Allen, who has a rare form of brain cancer. The doctors told his parents, Todd and Shilo Allen, that there were out of treatments for little Brody and he had just around 2 months to live. So the neighbors decided to give Brody an early Christmas. 



According to USA Today, Colerain Police Chief Mark Denney said that the two teens were  first reported after someone saw them slashing the decorations on Wednesday night.

After the incident of vandalism, officers from the department made sure that they passed by the area on watch. The residents too helped keep an eye out for the vandals. 

The teens were spotted by the owner of the decorations who was driving through the neighborhood and police were duly notified. The police caught the suspects. One fled away but he was later caught.

When interviewed both confessed to slashing the decorations on two different occasions. They were arrested but according to the Associated Press, the police did not share any information about the charges. The police will continue their patrol as usual in the neighborhood and the residents seem happy that the vandals were caught caught. 


"This shows what a great community can do when everyone works together," said Lori McMullen, a board member for community group A Greater Northbrook. "Northbrook is unstoppable now. All it took was empowering residents with the task of looking out for one another. Merry Christmas."

According to 7 KPLC News,  Brody's mother Shilo said, “It’s just a shame, I mean, they’re Christmas decorations. Christmas is a special time of year you know, no matter what date it is, it’s still special and for someone to do that, it’s just mean." 

The teens, aged 16 and 17, appeared before a  Hamilton County Juvenile Court magistrate on Thursday morning and were later released to their parents. The duo are back in court for a pre-trial hearing on October 10. The 16-year-old faces two counts of criminal damaging and one count each of resisting arrest, obstructing official business, and a curfew violation. And the 17-year-old is charged with two counts of criminal damaging and one count each of obstructing official business and a curfew violation.

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 teenagers arrested for vandalism of christmas decorations that were put up for a 2 year old boy brody allen who was suffering from brain cancer