Teenager on two-day meth binge rapes mother thrice in front of her seven-year-old daughter

Lorenz Mekuli has been jailed for raping a young mum in front of her daughter after breaking into their Hamilton home earlier this year.

                            Teenager on two-day meth binge rapes mother thrice in front of her seven-year-old daughter

A teenage gang member has been sentenced to eight years in prison after he repeatedly raped a mother in front of her seven-year-old daughter while he was on a two-day methamphetamine binge. 17-year-old Lorenz Shannyn Mekuli faces charges for rape, threatening to kill, sexual violation, attempted kidnapping, burglary, and assault on a child after appearing at Hamilton District Court on New Zealand's North Island.

Speaking to the NZ Herald, the 23-year-old victim said it was hard to live a normal life after the traumatic ordeal and that she was "really disappointed" with the sentence. "He almost killed me and he almost killed my daughter," she said. "I still can't believe that it happened in my own place. How can this happen in New Zealand?"


At about 7 am on Saturday, April 7, Mekuli, who was 16 at the time, broke into his victim's home through a window that had been left open, the court heard. The teenage gang associate stole cash at the residence before entering the bedroom where the woman and her seven-year-old daughter were asleep. He then proceeded to jump onto the mattress and strangle the mother and daughter as they cried and screamed for help, Daily Mail reports.

The gruesome details of the disturbing and lengthy attack were revealed to those who attended the trial. According to reports, Mekuli pulled his victim into the hallway and removed her clothes before raping her three times, punching her in the face, and forcing her to perform oral sex while her daughter watched on. It is being said that he performed oral sex on her as well.


The woman was then punched in the face a second time at the end of the abuse and the sexual predator demanded her to wipe down the window to remove any fingerprints he might have left. The teenager then demanded that he be driven away from the crime scene, but the victims were somehow able to escape to a neighbor's house. Six days after the incident, law enforcement authorities were  able to track Mekuli down. It was later understood that the teenager had been smoking meth continuously for two days before the rape.


That said, the victim's life had been "totally destroyed" by the ordeal, Judge Louis Bidois told the court. The mother had lost confidence and struggled to go about day-to-day activities including socializing, exercising, as well as sleeping, Crown prosecutor Louella Dunn said. She sought a minimum of 14 years in prison for the sex offender saying the community needed to be protected from him. "There is a risk of reoffending. There is a risk to the public," she said.   

But Defense counsel Sacha Nepe said the teenager had endured a tough childhood involving domestic violence and drug abuse and thus argued for a lesser sentence. However, Mekuli showed no remorse or regret for his victim. He was subsequently sentenced to eight years in jail, which included a 35 percent discount for a guilty plea and his youth, as the judge ruled.