Two teen girls jailed for brutal torture of 16-year-old while asking followers on Snapchat for suggestions

Two teenage girls have been jailed after being found guilty of torturing a 16-year-old at a London care home and posting 'sadistic' videos of the ordeal on Snapchat

                            Two teen girls jailed for brutal torture of 16-year-old while asking followers on Snapchat for suggestions

Two teenage girls have been jailed after they made a 16-year-old girl drink urine-soaked noodles and then asked their Snapchat followers to suggest how they should continue the torture.

The victim was reportedly held hostage by 18-year-old Chyane Stephenson-Dielhenn (pictured above), of Islington, North London, and a 16-year-old girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, in a care home in Dagenham, Essex, for over eight hours between March 4 and 5, 2018. In addition to the above torture, the 16-year-old victim was forced to snort a mixture of salt and tea and swallow her own vomit. The cruel duo also poured sugar in her ears, burned her with cigarettes and tied her up during the assault.

The "cruel and sickening attacks" perpetrated by the sadistic pair on Snapchat were shown to a baffled jury at the Snaresbrook Crown Court, Daily Mail reports.

Snaresbrook Crown Court (Wikipedia)

In a turn of events, viewers on Snapchat sent suggestions to the girls on how they should continue the brutal acts instead of raising an alarm. The victim eventually escaped when Stephenson-Dilhenn ordered her to have a shower and she bolted from the scene.

The court heard that while the victim made it to the reception, she was "extremely frightened and sought refuge under a desk in the office." She said the attack left her "psychologically scarred" for life.

Describing the ordeal as a "wicked and despicable attack", Prosecutor James Thacker revealed that the 16-year-old perpetrator had a previous criminal record brimming with offenses including battery, robbery, theft, and criminal damage.

Recorder Shaun Murphy passed the sentence, saying: "The victim is scarred mentally and physically and this has caused her nightmares that still continue."

Following a trial last month, Stephenson-Dielhenn was found guilty of false imprisonment and assault occasioning actual bodily harm despite her denial in court and was subsequently sentenced to three years in prison.

On the other hand, the 16-year-old was jailed for two-and-a-half years after admitting similar charges.

Elaine Cousins, from the CPS, said: "This was an unprovoked, cruel and sickening attack on an innocent young girl by people that she considered her friends. The behavior displayed was sadistic. The prosecution was able to prove its case through video evidence that showed exactly what took place that night."

She continued: "Together Stephenson-Dielhenn and her co-defendant egged each other on and took pleasure in controlling, humiliating and degrading the young victim. The victim was left understandably terrified and psychologically scarred. I would like to commend her for her bravery in reporting this crime and for taking part in the proceedings. I hope this conviction provides her with some comfort and makes clear that those who commit such vile acts will be prosecuted."