Two students hospitalised after teenage boy brings cocaine-filled balloons to school

A teenage boy carried cocaine-filled balloons to his middle school which resulted in two children being sent to the hospital

                            Two students hospitalised after teenage boy brings cocaine-filled balloons to school

Who doesn't love playing with balloons. In this incident, however, a regular fun toy accessory turns into a nightmare. Two California students were hospitalized after a 13-year-old brought cocaine-filled balloons to his school. The drug-filled deflated balloons were found by a group of students on the playground who played with them until they started feeling dizzy and raised an alarm.

The students alerted officials at Carl F. Smith Middle School in Terra Bella about the incident at around 8:40 am. The school officials initially mistook the cocaine for flour but decided to notify the Tulare County Sheriff's office as a precautionary measure. It was only when narcotics officers tested the substance that the mystery white powder was confirmed to be cocaine. It is believed that around 13 students were exposed to the substance. 


All 13 students were tested to verify if they were under the influence of the drug, but all of them tested negative. However, two children were taken to the hospital as a precaution and their parents were made aware of the situation. The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release that stated: "The deflated balloons, similar to drug bindle packaging, had a white powdery substance inside and outside the packaging." 

Mike Boudreaux, Tulare County Sheriff, shared, "The reason (the students) contacted school staff is because they were messing with the balloons and they pulled open the balloons and saw white powdery substance and two students became very dizzy." 

A K9 officer, who was on the scene, directed deputies to a 13-year-old boy whose shorts had tested positive for cocaine. The drug was also found at the 13-year-old's house and a search warrant is being written. The teenager is currently being questioned by the police.

Apart from the cocaine-filled balloons, there was no other evidence of the drugs anywhere else on the school campus. The Carl F. Smith Middle School teaches classes six to eight and has around 300 students. 

The Sheriff's office added: "Our greatest concern is for the safety of our children. The Sheriff has made phone calls to the Superintendent and the Principal to reassure them that the Department is committed to making sure students are safe both in and out of school." A concerned mother, Marciela Madrano, told the Times Delta: "The school should give more attention to the kids. This is scary. I’m very concerned about my daughter’s safety at school after today."