Teen mother charged with murder of her month-old baby after initially reporting him as kidnapped

19-year-old Jenna Folwell confessed that she fainted while holding the baby in the bathtub, and when she woke up the baby was already dead

                            Teen mother charged with murder of her month-old baby after initially reporting him as kidnapped

A teenage mother has been accused of drowning her one-month-old son to death in a bathtub a day after she reported him as missing. However, Jenna Folwell was charged with first degree murder after police found the infant's body at the house of 19-year-old, and also revealed that she had done more than 100 searches online for methods to kill the child.

Folwell had called the authorities from Brooks Crossing Park in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, on October 24 to report that her newborn infant had been snatched right out of her arms as she was putting him in the car seat.

She also told the authorities in the call that the stranger who took her infant had put a bag over her head and even threatened to kill her.

The Daily Mail reported that the authorities launched a search and rescue operation for the infant in the area that he was allegedly taken from. When the officers paid a visit to Folwell's apartment, however, they found the child's body wrapped up in a blanket and stuffed into a duffel bag.

When the police went through the contents of her phone, however, they knew that this was also a fabricated story because they found more than 100 web searches that were disturbing.


Faced with this incriminating evidence, the young mother then changed her story completely and told police that she fainted while holding the baby in the bathtub, and that when she woke up she found him drowned.

Officers told Fox 32 in a statement: "The search history started with 'ways to die instantly' and ended with 'missing babies cases'. Other searched items included how long it takes babies to drown, five types of parents who kill, reasons parents kill their babies and sudden infant death syndrome. There were over 100 different searches on these types of topics."

When Folwell was questioned about the web searches, she confessed to conducting them, and according to the police statement, revealed about "getting in the bathtub with her son and then letting him go".

The statement continued: "Jenna said she settled on this way because she did not want to hear her son cry."

The teen mom told the authorities that she changed her mind about killing her infant about a minute later but that he was already dead. She also said that she attempted CPR on him before she put his body into the duffel bag and went to the park from where she made the call to the police.


Sergeant Daniel Mejia of the Chandler Police said: "Evidence gathered on the scene revealed Jenna [Folwell] was the person that drowned the baby earlier that day."

On October 25, Folwell appeared in court for the first time where she was subsequently charged with first-degree murder. The infant's father, Eric Canku, was also present in the court and was seen becoming emotional as he watched.

He told Fox: "I will never...she took away my life with Rainer the moment she took his life." The judge set the bail for Folwell as $1 million after he determined that she was a flight risk. The court records do not list a defense attorney for the young mother as of yet.