'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant' sneak peek: New mom Kiaya Elliot reveals the truth about her baby's father

Kiaya Elliot is set to make her debut in season 2 of the show and in the latest sneak peek we learned about the complicated life she leads.

                            'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant' sneak peek: New mom Kiaya Elliot reveals the truth about her baby's father

'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant' is introducing two new teen moms in the second season of the show and one of them is Kiaya Elliot. In the latest sneak peek of the show, MTV  introduced the new mom to the audience by letting them know some details from her past. It is no surprise that Kiaya's life is far from complicated. 

The clip starts with Kiaya talking to her girlfriend Teazha and informing her that she has an option to walk away. "You have a choice if you want to be here or not. So, if this gets hard for you then you can dip." A sneak peek into Kiaya's life makes the viewer aware that she is not someone who is to be messed with and can be quite assertive when she wants. The clip also sheds light on Kiaya and her relationship with Teazha. "Hi, I am Kiaya and I am 18," she says in the video. "This is my girlfriend Teazha and we have been together for two years. She and I were high school sweethearts, we are best friends, and she is my first love."

However, things changed for the two when she found out that Teazha was cheating on her. The pair ultimately decided to part their ways. Unfortunately for Kiaya, the breakup happened around the time when she lost her father. During this time, she met X'Zayveon. Kiaya hadn't been with a boy before but things were different when she met him. Kiaya added that X'Zayveon does not have a pleasant past as she remarked, "X'Zayveon has been in and out of trouble and he is currently in jail." 

She further added, "I knew of X'Zayveon lifestyle but I didn't really care because I had no intentions of being with him and I have no intentions of being with him for the next 18 years." While X'Zayveon is not in the picture, Teazha stepped up and stated that she wanted to get back together with Kiaya and help out with the baby. 

Even though Kiaya seemed uncertain of her promises, it seemed like Teazha and she got back together. However, only the coming episodes will tell us if the pair will get through it or will the baby bring out the worst in their relationship. 

'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant' airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm.

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