'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant': Ashley slams haters, says 'will no longer be entertaining you miserable b*****s'

Ashley Siren is done talking to the trolls and is ready to focus on her life

                            'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant': Ashley slams haters, says 'will no longer be entertaining you miserable b*****s'
Ashley (MTV)

Ashley Siren became a household name when she first appeared on 'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant'. The reality star was known for her outspoken and bold character throughout the show and Ashley continues to make headlines even though Season 2 is over. Recently, the reality star received a lot of backlashes after she was accused of copying products from fellow 'Teen Mom' star Kiaya Elliot's beauty line. 

Kiaya has been promoting her beauty brand for a long period of time and recently, Ashley started following the same road. After looking at some of the products that were there under Ashley's brand name, fans started accusing her of stealing. At the same time, Kiaya also came forward and accused the reality star of copying her products. However, Ashley was quick to dismiss these claims. The reality star also made headlines when she confirmed she is back with her ex-boyfriend, Bariki “Bar” Smith. Seeing their picture together many viewers doubted their relationship. Some were quick to add that their dynamic will change once the show airs. 

When Ashley and Barr first appeared on the show, the pair always had their ups and downs. The misunderstanding and miscommunication between the two led them to fallout. To add to this, Ashley was not happy to see how Barr was not taking responsibility for their daughter financially. His struggle to find a job became more after he got tattoos on his face. 

At the same time, Ashley also questioned Barr for not being there for their daughter enough. Seeing all these problems between the couple, viewers were not happy to see them back together. "Then y'all show will air and y'all at each other's throat!!" one user wrote. Another claimed that Barr should treat her right as the comment read, "Treat her right Bar!"

Another echoed similar thoughts and wrote, "I don’t like the way he treats you, bae, I can do way better." After going weeks with people commenting on her relationship and her life decision, it seems like Ashley had enough. The reality star's recent post hinted that she was moving on from the hate and focusing on her life. "Ashley will no longer be entertaining you miserable b*****s. Goodnight ps. If you don’t wanna be bothered, DO NOT BOTHER ME," she wrote. While she has disabled the comments on her Instagram post, it looks like Ashley is ready to give all her attention to herself and the family.

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