Teen Mom's Tyler Baltierra may have hinted that he has reached a breaking point after battling family issues

Tyler Baltierra is finding it difficult to handle his wife and dad being in rehab, his own personal demons and then having to care for little Nova, it's a lot for him handle now.

                            Teen Mom's Tyler Baltierra may have hinted that he has reached a breaking point after battling family issues
Tyler Baltierra (Source : Getty Images)

Tyler Baltierra is known for his strength and the love he has expressed towards his close ones. However, the Teen Mom star has had a lot going on in his life, with his wife, Catelynn Lowell heading back to rehab after the pair had a miscarriage  and then dad Butch Baltierra entering into rehab again. 

During the season finale of the show, Tyler became honest about how he had been coping with his life circumstances. During the episode, Tyler was having dinner with his sister Amber and the reality star decided to be honest about his situation. He discussed with Amber how he would have liked it if Catelynn had chosen outpatient help for the sake of their daughter, Novalee, instead of inpatient care. 

"In my opinion, as her father, I think outpatient is what's best for [Nova] and inpatient is what's best for you," Tyler recalled telling Catelynn. "And she was like, 'She'll manage.'" It is at this point that Amber asked Tyler if he felt that the comment made by Catelynn was a "selfish one" and Tyler dismissed that by saying it was really how "she felt."

"The truth that she is speaking is out of ignorance because you don't know," he continued as if he was speaking to his spouse. "She's f**king three, she can't manage nothing." While Catelynn did not pay much attention to what she had spoken, Tyler sure did recall a similar thing his dad used to say when he was younger. He recalled that his father behaved in a certain way because he knew that they had "a good mother". 

After hearing this, Amber suggested that maybe, Catelynn was finding it hard to open up about her feelings to Tyler following their miscarriage. However, Tyler did not seem to like that idea as well. "Well, maybe you should not be with me," he said. "Maybe I'm not the right guy for you." Amber was taken aback by this reply and suggested that it wasn't the case. 

But Tyler seemed to have his mind fixed on the idea that maybe, he wasn't in the right position and what he had been thinking was "legit". "Maybe I am not good enough for you," he said. Tyler seems to be battling many emotions and his recent confession seems like the reality star needs to bring himself to be strong again, for the sake of himself and his family.