Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra shows off weight loss in shirtless selfie

Tyler Baltierra decided to share his happiness with his fans after reaching his desired weightloss goal.

                            Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra shows off weight loss in shirtless selfie
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Tyler Baltierra continues to share with his fans the impressive weight loss journey that he has been having and this time, the Teen Mom star took it a step further as he showed off his toned body in a shirtless picture which he shared on his Snapchat. 

Tyler shared the impressive photo on Saturday (February 10), captioning the picture as, "AYYYYY!!! Feels so damn good reaching this weight loss goal!” #TOOLPIC." Since the time Tyler stepped into his weight loss journey, he has been documenting every step of it with his fans on his social media profile. On January 19, he had debuted his transformation which showed side by side image of his picture before and after he started the journey. 

"To be honest, I didn’t even want to take a before picture, because I was already thinking of me not sticking with it & then having the evidence of failure to look back on,” he wrote on Instagram. “But DAYYUMM dude! This got me feeling some type of way right now! The left picture was almost 5 weeks ago & Right picture was today. Eating healthier just feels better & obviously looks better hahaha lol BOOM!”

He recently also shared some insights with his fans on how he was keeping up with his healthy lifestyle. “I’m not really ‘on a diet’ I just started caring more deeply about what I was putting in my body,” he tweeted as a response to one of his fans. He then gave some tips on how he started the process of weight loss. 

“To jumpstart the weight loss, I cut out carbs (besides toast in the a.m.) filled up on fruit, smoked fish, & vegetables for lunch & ate lean meats, vegetables & salad for dinner," he wrote. Just a couple of weeks back Tyler had posted a video online revealing that he was mentally struggling himself while his wife, Catelynn Lowell, was in treatment for the third time. 

“You have good days, then you have bad days. And today is just a bad day," he said in the video. “I’m posting this because I think it’s important for people to not feel alone in their struggles. We’re humans, we’re allowed to have bad days, hard times & weak moments,” he added. “Don’t be ashamed of what makes us humans special. You’re loved. You’re worthy.”