'Teen Mom OG' star Tyler Baltierra shares poem about suicide attempt and a very dark phase in his life

'Teen Mom OG' star Tyler Baltierra shares a poem where he opens up about a very dark phase in his life and his suicide attempt as a child

                            'Teen Mom OG' star Tyler Baltierra shares poem about suicide attempt and a very dark phase in his life
Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra (Getty Images)

'Teen Mom OG' star Tyler Baltierra has chosen to open up and share details about a "very dark" phase in his life. The 26-year-old took to Instagram to share his ordeal with his fans and followers and detailed his suicide attempt at the age of 11. 

Baltierra begins his poem by describing, "a little boy almost 12 years old with an angry core… already smoking & trying to find a way to not have his mind collapse to the floor". The little boy being spoken about is excited to see his father later on that week but then he comes to learn that his father is going back to prison. "He sits in the middle of the kitchen, tears are falling to the floor as he rests his head on the cabinet door & asks what is this life even worth living for?" the MTV star continues. "He sees the knives on the counter, he thinks maybe he can go out that way", Baltierra writes referencing his suicide attempt. 

As the poem goes on, the boy then ties the rope from a swing around his neck and jumps from a tree branch. "He grabs that rope as it starts to choke. He’s gasping for air, now he’s losing hope, he’s struggling to breathe, he’s stretching his feet to reach the dirt & scrambling because his young naive brain just didn’t believe how much this would hurt." 

The boy finally frees himself and falls to the ground. "He feels lost, sad, & happy, gal all those emotions he feels simultaneously. Lost in his mind, sad for all the desperate times, but happy to still be alive!" the poem reads on. Finally, Baltierra reveals that he himself was the boy being spoken about in the poem. "This is my story. Now hopefully you understand a little more about me as a human being with a spirit, a soul, & a life worth living for", Baltierra shared in the poem. 

In the caption of the Instagram post, Baltierra said that he had initially hoped to keep the poem a private affair and wrote, "But I know that I’m not the only one who went through mental health struggles & I know that someone can relate to this experience, which is why I decided to vulnerably share this with you guys". 

"This was written about a very dark time in my life & I still don’t like to categorize myself as a survivor but, the older I get, the more I realize that we are ALL survivors & we ALL are worthy enough to live! #YouAreNotAlone #PoetryIsMyBrainsFreedom #KeepTalkingMH #SickNotWeak," he went on to add. 

Recently, the 'Teen Mom OG' star has been very active on his social media. He took to social media to reveal his drastic transformation and newfound washboard abs. "Hard work is paying off! It’s been 6 months since completely changing my eating habits, I dropped 40lbs & now it’s time to cut it all up with these workouts, BOOM! #CrushingThesePersonalGoals #ItFeelsGreat," he wrote on Instagram. 

During the month of February, Baltierra revealed to his fans and followers that he had lost around 40 pounds in two months which was due to a big change and a conscious change in his eating and food habits. "The cool thing is, I'm actually learning how to cook pretty decent now! Almost been 8 weeks since I made the decision to eat healthier & I'm down about 30lbs & I FEEL GREAT! #Motivated," he wrote on Twitter. 

"I'm not really 'on a diet,' I just started caring more deeply about what I was putting in my body. To jumpstart the weight loss, I cut out carbs (besides toast in the a.m.), filled up on fruit, smoked fish, & vegetables for lunch & ate lean meats, vegetables & salad for dinner," he continued. 

On February 1, he posted a side-by-side picture along with the caption, "Today marks 8 weeks from when I made the decision to make a lifestyle change. I started caring more about what kind of food I put in my body & most of all, I wanted to challenge & prove to myself that I can do it! Today I’m 35lbs down & It has ALSO been 2 years & 26 days since I QUIT SMOKING CIGARETTES & I feel FANTASTIC! I’m crushing these personal goals & loving the rewards that come with it! #Motivated #IDontBowDown #IAmMyOnlyCompetition." 

Before this post, he took to social media to share that he had lost 26 pounds in just about five weeks. "26lbs DOWN!!! To be honest I didn't even want to take a before picture, because I was already thinking of me not sticking with it & then having the evidence of failure to look back on. But DAYYUMM dude! This got me feeling some type of way right now! Left picture was almost 5 weeks ago & right picture was today. Eating healthier just feels better & obviously looks better hahaha lol BOOM! #LifestyleChanges #Goals," he wrote in January. 

Well, clearly, Tyler Baltierra has gone through a lot but has managed to emerge strong and victorious through it all.