Teen Mom OG's Cory Wharton says he doesn't care if Farrah Abraham is on the upcoming season

Teen Mom OG star Cory Wharton revealed during an interview on the 'Domenick Nati Show' that he could not care less if Farrah Abraham was on this season of the show

                            Teen Mom OG's Cory Wharton says he doesn't care if Farrah Abraham is on the upcoming season

Teen Mom OG's Cory Wharton has said that he could give two shits if reality TV personality Farrah Abraham was on this season of the show. He admitted that the show would probably get more exposure and more ratings if she was there but remained indifferent about her presence on the show. 

During an interview on the 'Domenick Nati Show', Cory joked, "I have no problem taking her spot this season. You can pass her check right over here". The reality TV star added that he couldn't care less about Farrah's presence. He also spoke about his relationship with his baby mama Cheyenne and, when asked whether they would get back, he said, "The door is never closed".


Cheyenne is currently seeing a man named Zac but Cory said that the two have no problems with each other and everything is good. "We (Cory and Cheyenne) have to deal with each other for the rest of our lives. We have a kid together," Cory added. Cory recalled how Cheyenne told him about the pregnancy right away and that there was a chance that it could be his. 

At the time, Cheyenne was seeing someone else and was hooking up with him on a regular basis. As Cory said, he and Cheyenne hooked up one time and they were just fooling around but the baby ended up being his. "I'm not mad about it, but use protection," he says jokingly. 


He also admitted that he did not know that Bristol Palin was politician Sarah Palin's daughter. "I don't know too much about her but I really want to meet her mom and ask some hard political questions," Cory said. "I am sure that Sarah Palin will be on the show. That's network gold right there," he added. 

Even though Bristol Palin was the center of attention in the press this season, Cory shared that he had nothing against her at all. He added that it was a network thing and he and Cheyenne are not mad or upset. However, he said, "No one likes to be left in the dark. We were filming for a month or two before she even started filming. So it was strange that she was getting promoted before us". 

When asked what viewers can expect this season and whether there will be some type of physical fight, he said, "It is a reality show on MTV. There will be some physical fight and lots of tears. This show is going to give you everything: families going through depression, families going through divorce, families figuring out how to see other people while having a kid. All the families are going through different things. It is going to be intriguing, it is going to be good!"