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'Teen Mom OG': Cheyenne lives a mother's worst nightmare, says Ryder's hands were covered in blood

Ryder had to be rushed to the hospital after she fell sick and Cheyenne has been dealing with everything all by herself
Ryder and Cheyenne (MTV)
Ryder and Cheyenne (MTV)

Cheyenne Floyd had one of the toughest decisions to make in the latest episode (May 12) after her daughter, Ryder, fell sick. Ryder suffers from a genetic condition called VLCAD that increases her chances of getting a stroke if she falls sick or is unable to keep her food down. Earlier that day, Ryder seemed happy as she got a chance to talk to Cory Wharton. 

Cory has been busy shooting for 'The Challenge' and everyone around him is trying to be supportive. However, things took a different turn when Ryder had to be rushed to the hospital. Cheyenne revealed Ryder had a fever and she was not eating anything. She further added that whatever little food she had, she puked. Fearing she might get a stroke because of her condition, Cheyenne decided to take her to the hospital. 

The doctors kept her under observation and Cheyenne revealed it was hard doing it all alone as no one was allowed inside the room to meet Ryder. After spending some days at the hospital, Ryder was allowed to go back and Cheyenne was happy. However, things took a different turn the same night as Ryder was unable to keep her food down. 

She had to be rushed to the hospital again. Cheyenne revealed Ryder was not happy about going to the hospital as the doctors had to take her blood quite often for testing due to which her hand was covered in blood. Cheyenne recalled Ryder waking up at night and looking at her hand and screaming, before going back to sleep. 

Looking at how things had been going, Cheyenne knew it was important to keep this from Cory to make sure he would concentrate on his competition. She admitted it had been hard but hoped she was making the right decision. 

Cheyenne hinted that she would have loved to have Cory by her side as she needed someone to give her the strength she needed while Ryder struggled in the hospital. She broke down crying as she decided to not open up about Ryder's problems to Cory but prayed things would get better soon. 

'Teen Mom OG' airs on Tuesdays at 8pm ET on MTV.