'Teen Mom OG': Ryan Edwards checks into rehab, family members confirm it's for the good

Ryan Edwards checked himself into rehab early in October following a relapse. His parents and wife discuss his current situation and its impact on them.

                            'Teen Mom OG': Ryan Edwards checks into rehab, family members confirm it's for the good

Ryan Edwards from 'Teen Mom OG' has checked himself into rehab during his wife's pregnancy and was consequently missing from Monday night's episode of the show.

His wife, Mackenzie Standifer, revealed the reason for his absence on the show when a producer inquired about him, according to People.

Standifer began to explain where Edwards was before her mother-in-law Jen broke the news that Edwards had gone to a 90-day intensive rehab facility. “We can’t talk to him for seven days. They’re pretty strict. Two phone calls a week, 10 minutes [for each phone call].”

Mackenzie and Ryan at their wedding(Source: Instagram/@mackedwards95)
Mackenzie and Ryan at their wedding(Source: Instagram/@mackedwards95)

Ryan's father, Larry, mentioned how the reality TV star realised that it was the time to check himself in for his own good. "He picked the [rehab] place. He wants to do better, he wants to get better,” added Larry. 

Because of his time away at rehab, Edwards will be missing the birth of his baby. When Standifer was asked how she felt about it, she said, "If I did not love Ryan I would call him the most selfish a—— ever for missing this." She adds, "[But] if he’s going to miss [the baby] being born but be healthy forever, what more could I ask for?"

Jen said she knew that Edwards was aware he was relapsing, which is when he decided to take some serious action, "It is a relapse or a slip, whatever they want to call it. I think that’s why he realized before it gets out of control he needs to get a hold on it.”

Standifer added to this saying, "Right before he left he said his kids deserve to have the healthiest dad. What better time to go than now?”

While the initial conversation on the show was about Standifer dealing with Ryan's absence while she was pregnant, it quickly turned to Edwards' son Bentley from his past relationship with Maci Bookout. Both Larry and Jen explained that Bentley was unaware of the fact that his father was in rehab and that they were waiting for the right moment to break this sensitive information to him. 

“We are going to talk to him,” added Jen. “It makes me sad because he’s going to miss his dad. I’m not sure what Maci’s talked to him about or what he’s heard, but I haven’t told her that he’s back in rehab.”

Jen wants Bentley to understand the fact that being an addict does not amount to being a bad person, and wants her grandson to understand his father's condition.  “I don’t really know how much to tell a 9½-year-old," added Jen. (Bentley turned 10 on Oct. 27)

Larry, on the other hand, wants to take a more direct approach with Bentley, “I’m going to be totally honest [with Bentley], that’s my plan. But I want him to hear it from us first before he hears it from anybody else.” 

A report by US Weekly says that Edwards checked into rehab early in October. Standifer gave birth to their son Jagger Ryan Reynolds on October 9.