'Teen Mom OG': Mackenzie reveals she 'forced' herself to be with Josh for 9 years, but now she wants a divorce

'Teen Mom OG': Mackenzie reveals she 'forced' herself to be with Josh for 9 years, but now she wants a divorce
Whitney and Mackenzie (MTV)

Mackenzie McKee and Josh McKee have been having a tough time ever since she found out that he cheated on her. Even though Josh hinted that he is ready to work on their marriage, Mackenzie seemed sure that she did not want to go ahead with it. The two had met each other to celebrate their son's birthday but the awkwardness between them was hard to ignore. 

Mackenzie finally got a chance to talk to her sister, Whitney. Mackenzie revealed that she and Josh had not spoken and it made her think that he wasn't serious about making the relationship work. She confessed to Whitney that she has not been happy in the relationship with Josh. She revealed that he made her feel ugly and since the two got married so soon, she was trying her best to make that relationship work.

Mackenzie had hinted in the past that she wanted a loving family and connection like the one her parents shared and in the latest episode (March 24), she admitted that she tried her best to make her relationship with Josh look the same way. Unfortunately, it did not go as she had hoped. 

Mackenzie confessed to her sister that when she walked down the aisle she felt like Josh did not love her. When Whitney asked the reason behind it Mackenzie stated that she had forced herself for nine years to make the relationship work and did not want to do it anymore. She further added that in the process of making the relationship work, she had stopped loving herself. 

Mackenzie recalled the time when she was free. She recalled the time when she was 16 and looking back at how things had shaped up for her, Mackenzie hinted that she wanted to go back in time and change things. She admitted that she had lost some of the best days of her life because of the relationship. 

She further added that having a child together at a very young age also forced her to make sure that the relationship worked. However, she did not want to force herself to do these things anymore. Mackenzie made it clear that she wanted to divorce Josh and she wouldn't want to think about it again. 

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