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'Teen Mom OG': Maci finds out Bentley has a girlfriend, wonders if it's time for the birds and bees talk

However, it seems like things did not work out that well for their relationship as viewers soon got to find that Bentley had broken up
Mackenzie and Bentley (MTV)
Mackenzie and Bentley (MTV)

Bentley Cadence Edwards is all grown up and it looks like Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney are finding it hard to believe that he already has a girlfriend. In the last episode (May 19), Maci found out that Bentley has a girlfriend and she decided to ask some questions about her. Maci was curious to find out if they often spoke to each other and if she commented about his hair. Bentley agreed while hinting that she had passed a comment about his hair and told him that it looked good. However, it seems like things did not work out that well for their relationship as viewers soon got to find that Bentley had broken up. 

Maci revealed there had been some rumors going around and Bentley decided to confront his girlfriend about it. She revealed his girlfriend told him the truth and they decided to head their separate ways. This made Maci think if it was time to have the birds and bees talk with him. Seeing him all grown up and already dating, she knew it was time to talk or at least discuss the importance of respecting the person he is dating. Taylor agreed and thought it was also important to make him understand that in a relationship he should be respected in the same way. 

Maci agreed and thought Taylor would be the best person to have this conversation with. However, he seemed hesitant and joked he hadn't hit puberty himself. Maci revealed she wanted the talk to happen because statistics showed children of teen parents tend to follow the same footsteps and she did not want that for Bentley. She added it wouldn't be hard to talk to Bentley about it because he already knew about the vagina and penis. She reflected on how Bentley had been present in the hospital when she was giving birth and that he knew where the babies came from. Taylor agreed and decided to bring that conversation up when Bentley and he were playing table tennis. 

He asked Bentley if he was dating someone else and Bentley made it clear that he wasn't seeing anyone. Taylor took this opportunity to talk about how important it is to respect the person he is dating while making sure the same respect is received. Bentley agreed and decided to listen to Taylor patiently. Meanwhile, Taylor made it clear that he and Maci would always be there for him and he did not have to hesitate or feel shy to talk about it. He further added that there might come a time when he finds it hard to talk about a certain thing but Taylor assured him he was in a safe place to talk to them. 

Bentley agreed and the two continued their game. It looks like Taylor aced the talk and Maci too reflected on it when she revealed how happy she was to know that Taylor had that talk with Bentley. 

'Teen Mom OG' airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on MTV.