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'Teen Mom OG': Amber reveals she prayed for her father's death as she tries to fix her trust issues with men

Amber Portwood has been having a hard time trusting Dimitri Garcia and decided to talk to her therapist and turns out these problems might be linked to her relationship with her dad
UPDATED MAY 20, 2020
Amber Portwood (MTV)
Amber Portwood (MTV)

Amber Portwood and Dimitri Garcia seem to be going strong but as their relationship starts getting closer to take the next step, Amber feels the pressure and questions if she is making the right decision. In the latest episode (May 19), Amber knew it was important for her to get some answers about her reactions towards a new relationship. 

Amber has always had trust issues and for this, she decided to let Dimitri take a lie detecting test. The test found out that he had been faithful to her and is someone she can trust. Amber was happy to find this but she felt scared about taking the next step in her life. She revealed that the second they got back home, she broke down crying as she was scared the past would repeat itself. 

She reflected on all her past relationships and realized they did not end in the way she would have expected them to. Amber also revealed she had spoken to Dimitri about her diagnosis of bipolar disorder. She explained that she used the translator to tell him what exactly bipolar was. However, there were bigger questions that Amber needed answers to and she decided to go and meet her therapist. She confessed she had been having trouble trusting Dimitri and taking their relationship to the next level despite him passing the lie detector test. Amber reflected on her childhood and revealed she was never surrounded by love. 

The therapist asked her if it could be because she never had a model of love to look up to. Amber hinted that might be a big possibility for her trust issues and relationship problems. At the same time, her therapist asked if her father, Shawn Portwood, had an alcohol problem. Amber said yes and agreed that it could possibly be one of the reasons. She also admitted that while growing up she had wished for her father's death because of how their relationship was. She broke down crying as she felt upset for not being in a position where she could easily trust people. 

Despite having a good relationship, it seems like Amber is having trouble getting used to having someone who really cares for her. Will her trust issues cause problems?

'Teen Mom OG' airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on MTV.