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'Teen Mom': Mackenzie McKee says Josh had an affair with her cousin after mom's death, will she leave him now?

In 2015, they almost got divorced until they realized they 'don’t want to live without each other' and reconciled
UPDATED MAY 21, 2020
Mackenzie McKee, Josh (MTV)
Mackenzie McKee, Josh (MTV)

Teen Mom star Mackenzie Douthit and husband Josh McKee have been in and out of controversies one too many times. Married at a young age as an expectant mother, Mackenzie seems to have never found peace in her relationship with Josh, who is now being accused of having cheated on his wife with her cousin. Mackenzie, who is still mourning the loss of her mother Angie, took to Facebook on May 20 to tell the world that her husband and father of her three children had yet again cheated on her. However, this time around with someone she's related to. 

According to Starcasm, a part of her post states,  "In December, I was already in deep pain and had to watch her take her last breath. And Josh was there for me until two weeks later things changed. All of the sudden, I was a freak for crying and being depressed. I would lay in bed and wonder why I was so crazy because that’s what he made me feel like. And then life slowly turned into him working all day, coming home to shower and fishing all night." Describing his infidelity as "obviously another affair", she says that on calling the number Josh was constantly texting to, she realized, "it was my close cousin Ashley".

Mackenzie and long-time boyfriend Josh got hitched in 2013 in the presence of 200 guests in Kansas. At the time, she was already pregnant with her second child with Josh. Announcing her wedding on social media, she even called Josh her “best friend”. While they thought getting married would resolve the endless issues their relationship was entangled in, their decision only made things worse. In 2015, they almost got divorced until they realized they "don’t want to live without each other" and reconciled. The reality star had previously issued a statement saying, "We’re still working on stuff. Marriage is always a work in progress and sometimes it will get perfect, and then a door will slam in my face and it will get bad again, and we won’t agree on stuff, or whatever."

However, their decision to continue to live with each other and give the marriage another try saw a few more hiccups in the following years when Josh walked out of the marriage with McKee in 2016, while she was pregnant with baby number three. This didn’t come as a surprise to fans as they were well-aware of the couple's public feud from 2015, during which Josh accused his wife of cheating on him with a guy named Dylan. Much agitated with his wife’s alleged extra-marital affair, Josh publicly shed light on her reported sex tape and multiple divorce reports. Josh even called it a stunt pulled from her end for publicity. 

He wrote in a social media post, "My so-called wife always feels like it necessary to go on her social media and post s**t that makes her look like a god d@mn princess and she has no faults and wants everyone to see her pitty excuse and soothe her with comfort. First things first — that’s bulls**t. I have have been going to work and I kept getting a lot of red flags that something is going on while I’m gone, Come to find out I have always been right!" Now with Mackenzie accusing Josh of cheating on her with her cousin, we need to wait and watch what he has to say as the latter has refrained from reacting to his wife’s latest social media post. Also, we can’t help but wonder if these allegations will push them to call it quits on their much-complicated marriage.