'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry undecided on son's name, changes it a second time

Kailyn has been undecided on naming her son. Will be called Lux or Russell? Fans are thinking when will the Teen Mom fix a name for her baby boy!

                            'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry undecided on son's name, changes it a second time
Kailyn Lowry (Source: Getty Images/IMDb)

Kailyn Lowry welcomed her son, Lux on May 8 along with Chris Lopez and even though the couple managed to keep it a secret for a long time, people were quite shocked to hear that the Teen Mom was pregnant yet again. However, after the pregnancy, she managed to draw attention once again and this time, it was for the baby's name. 

In fact, it wasn't until October that Kailyn told her fans the name she had decided for her little one. “It only took us 7 weeks to decide a name and 8 weeks to make it official," she joked on social media at that time revealing the name of her son to be “Lux Russell.” One might think that Russell is the family name but the reality star made it clear that it wasn't and Russell happened to be a name she liked and always had at the back of her mind. 

However, according to Teen Mom Talk Now, Kailyn was not happy with her baby having the last name as Lopez and decided to change it. She then decided to change the name of her son to Lux Russell Lowry and she already has an Instagram account for her baby as @TheLuxRussell.

Kailyn recently shared a snap of her son Lux cuddling with her second son, Lincoln. While the two looked adorable, one could not help but notice how Kailyn did not refer to her son as Lux but chose to call him Russell. “Russell, can you say mama?” Kailyn asks. Lincoln says, “Russell say mama!” 

All the fans were curious if Lux had a change of name once again. “Does Lincoln still call baby lux baby lo?” one Twitter user asked Kailyn. “I was [just] watching your snaps and I started thinking about that lol.” Kailyn then confirmed that everyone now called Lux as Russell. Fans were quick to comment about how UNSURE Kailyn is when it comes to sticking one name for her child. They think juggling with names like this her son could have an identity crisis at very young age. As for now, it seems Kailyn is sticking to calling her son by his middle name. 

“This is why you shouldn't try so hard giving your kids unique names,” one reddit user wrote. While another commented, "“I definitely favor Russell over Lux but jeez, it took you collectively a whole d*mn year to name this child and you’re STILL not set?”