Jenelle Evans sex tape: Former 'Teen Mom' star breaks silence after ex says he will release videos

Jenelle Evans sex tape: Former 'Teen Mom' star breaks silence after ex says he will release videos
TV personality Jenelle Evans attends the 2016 MTV Movie Awards at Warner Bros. Studios (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Jenelle Evans's ex-boyfriend, Herb Wilkinson recently threatened the reality star by stating that he would be releasing her sex tapes and some private pictures. Jenelle started dating Herb after she got a divorce from her ex-husband, David Eason, as reported by The Hollywood Gossip

The pair were reportedly in a long-distance relationship but it did not last for long as the couple broke up a couple of months into their relationship. But it seems like the two ended up in a bad breakup as Herb soon revealed that he had private pictures of Jenelle and that he wouldn't be afraid to release them. 

While Jenelle did not openly comment on it, she recently took to her Instagram stories to share screenshots of the messages she got from her friends after this news got out.  "Herbie he's always wanted attention his whole life. You do you, sis," one message read. 


Another message read, "As someone who had an awful experience with that man. Just stay silent and don't give him the satisfaction of saying his name. You're so much better girl, keep on with your bad self."  Jenelle also thanked people for these messages as she wrote, "you'll are the best". 

Things became toxic between the pair when Jenelle decided to open up about her life in a question and answer session that she did on YouTube with her fans recently. During the session, one of the fans wanted to know what happened between Heb and her.

Jenelle mentioned that she was single and her relationship with Herb led to "nothing". She further added that she did not want to talk a lot about the relationship because she wanted to respect the other person's privacy. 

While Jenelle's relationship with Herb did not last long she did make it clear that whatever time she spent with him was not good. One of her fans asked her what was it like to date a fan and to this, she replied, "Wasted my money on an arrogant douche bag," she said, as reported by IBT Times. "Literally was either passed out drunk or telling his friends on the phone 'he's with Jenelle' and 'say hey to my friends'."


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