Fans are convinced Teen Mom's Javi Marroquin cheated on Briana DeJesus with Lauren Comeau

Javi Marroquin raises the question if he had been faithful in his past relationships as he announces his girlfriend Lauren Comeau is expecting.

                            Fans are convinced Teen Mom's Javi Marroquin cheated on Briana DeJesus with Lauren Comeau
Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry (Source:Getty Images)

Javi Marroquin and his girlfriend Lauren Comeau announced that they were pregnant with their first child but there are certain questions the fans have ever since the news broke.

To begin with, people are finding it hard to believe that Lauren could be pregnant with Javi's child given the timing of their relationship. 

There is no surprise that Javi has been in quite a few relationships over the time and sometimes, it becomes hard to keep track of it. According to TeenMomTalkNow, Javi and Lauren started dating in the month of July 2017 and soon called it off in September of the same year. Even though the two dated for a couple of months, the history of their relationship shows that the two have had an on and off relationship. 

Meanwhile, a month after Javi and Lauren break up, he starts to have a relationship with Briana Dejesus. But that seemed also not work out as they both broke up in January 2018. The same month Javi hooked up with his ex, Kailyn Lowry but that did not lead to anything more than just a hookup. 

However, he seemed to have gone back to where it all started and reunited with Lauren in the month of March. Fast forward to May, the two come forward and announce that they are pregnant and expecting their first child together. As much as the news was a shock, people could not believe that Lauren was just three months pregnant. "I thought she looked pretty far along too but am confused because they haven’t been together that long," one comment read. "A few months??" another questioned. 

Meanwhile, another wrote, " Neither Javi nor Lauren announced the due date or how far along she is for one reason and one reason only….” Other also demanded why the couple did not announce the due date. "The baby was conceived at a time that neither of them can explain without looking like complete idiots. That is all," another comment read.

Yet again, people found it hard to believe she was just three months pregnant. “No one takes photos cradling their bump in the first trimester!” the comment read. 

The reality star took to his Facebook to announce the news. Posting a picture of him cradling his girlfriend's baby bump, he wrote, "Blessing on top of blessings. Sometimes life's biggest blessing come in the smallest packages. Baby Marroquin coming soon!" He posted a similar post on Instagram in which he wrote, "Been kinda quiet lately for many reasons. I was sad I couldn’t share the good news because I was afraid of what people would say. The amount of love I’ve received is so overwhelming and so appreciated."

He continued, "I realized No negative comment will take this moment away from us. A baby is a blessing and I am ecstatic for the future. Lincoln is happy, I’m happy, and Lauren is happy. Gonna go on a little hiatus from social media to take all this in and enjoy it with my family and loved ones. For those sending love, thank you! We appreciate it. And to you @lauren3elizabeth thank you for blessing me with another child. We are gonna be amazing parents together.”