Teen Mom Farrah Abraham slammed for letting 9-year-old daughter watch her get butt injections

Farrah Abraham gets a crash course in parenting from Instagram followers for allowing her 9-year-old daughter to be present in the room while she gets butt injections.

                            Teen Mom Farrah Abraham slammed for letting 9-year-old daughter watch her get butt injections
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'Teen Mom'  Farrah Abraham interested her 9-year-old daughter, Sophia in a mother-daughter activity which wasn't taken well by the public. On Friday (April 13), Farrah posted a video on her Instagram in which she was seen getting butt injections. However, during the video one could see her daughter standing at the back and people thought that the reality star had to be given a crash course on parenting. 

Calling the procedure her "body secret", Sarah captioned the video as "[email protected] gets you the summer ready booty you have always wanted! Watch live now! I've enjoyed this no pain, quick & lasta two years..."

In the video, Farrah can be seen explaining the procedure to the people. “We’re putting a sculpture in there. And we are just smoothing it out, keeping it normal, keeping it natural with our regular collagen, not any extra fillers,” she said. “So this is really nice, easy, simple and it lasts for two years. I love this booty secret for summer.”

Farrah also shared pictures from the procedure on her Instagram and tagged her daughter's Instagram account. People were quick to respond with negative comments and slammed her for bringing her daughter to the procedure and setting a bad example for her. 

“This is the weirdest video ever…she’s teaching her child that she needs to get work done to feel normal,” one person wrote. “Plus her dogs are in a room where she is getting shots…cringe.” While another wrote, "this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen like literally morals and respect flown out the window for her own little girl." There are others who questioned the kind of mother she was as one comment read, "Some mother u are." 

“So disappointed all new low having your daughter record it and watch it. Sad. Come on Farrah. You are teaching her the wrong things in life,” another commented. While another commented, "Stupid just stupid! Good job “mom” your showing your daughter such a great example of what not to be! 😡"

Farrah is no novice to criticism. Just recently, she was accused of being a bad mother for allowing Sophia to go on Instagram Live without adult supervision. At the time, a scathing critique had read: "Farrah is the worst. I honestly can’t imagine allowing my nine-year-old child to have access to the Internet unsupervised. At her age, I definitely wanted social media, but my parents refused. They were right. No child should be on instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, musical.ly, or anything else. It’s like Farrah is completely oblivious to the amount of weirdos in this world."