Dominique Potter says Kailyn Lowry cheated on her with Javi Marroquin

Dominique opens up about her relationship with Kailyn and admits that she had cheated on her with Javi

                            Dominique Potter says Kailyn Lowry cheated on her with Javi Marroquin
Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry (Source:Getty Images)

Dominique Potter has a lot more to say to people than her recent tweets about her ex Kailyn Lowry. Dominique opened up about her relationship with Kailyn in an interview with Radar Online and confessed that the two were serious. She even revealed that Kailyn's kids used to refer to her as 'Daddy Dom' while adding that Kailyn had cheated on her with her ex- Javi Marroquin. 

Dominique claimed that she and Kailyn had been dating since November 2017. “Kail and I met two years ago at a private event in Jersey,” she told the website.  

“We went to Atlanta the second week of November. November 14 was the actual day. She wanted the title.” Lowry even confirmed the relationship in November while appearing on her podcast with Lindsie Chrisley, Coffee Convos. 

“We weren’t dating anybody else,” she said. “Anytime she thought I was speaking to somebody, she was quick to ask what I was doing. There were a couple of times she questioned if I was cheating on her. I wasn’t seeing anyone else. I can’t say the same for her.”

However, in January there were reports that suggested that the pair had called it quits. “Articles started coming out in January that we broke up and I questioned her about it and she said just leave it alone,” she said. “I went with that. Whatever she said, I believed it.”

Even though the couple did split in February due to "trust issues" they were back together a week later. But this time things were a bit different as she kept their relationship a secret. “I don’t know why she didn’t want to go public… She did in the beginning,” she said. 

“But if she’s doing something else, that’s why she doesn’t want people knowing she’s in a relationship. She’s telling the world she’s single, of course, no one is going to respect our relationship if no one knows it exists. She was keeping her cards open. If people think you’re single they’re going to flirt with you. She didn’t want to lose that constant attention from other people.”

Dominique explained that the two had trust issue problems from the beginning. “Nothing adds up with her,” she insisted.

“Over Christmas break, I spent almost three weeks to a month at her house. She used to share her location with me. I got an alert on my phone that said Kail stopped sharing her location. She said, ‘I turned my location off for everything.’ Then she was like, ‘I don’t trust you, I was mad at you, that’s why I stopped sharing with you.’ Something wasn’t right. That was a month into the relationship.”

The two often fought but Dominique recalled they said "I love you" to each other every day even if they were not in love. She was even close to her kids that they started calling her "Daddy Dom." However, their relationship ended when Kailyn confessed on Twitter that she and her ex Javi Marroquin had hooked up.

Dominique says this was during the time she and Kailyn were together. “She did cheat on me with Javi,” she said. “That was out of her own mouth. She said they hooked up. She said they even discussed hooking up.”