'Teen Mom' star Ashley Jones' husband Bar Smith arrested in Nevada for being a 'fugitive from another state'

'Teen Mom' star Ashley Jones' husband Bar Smith arrested in Nevada for being a 'fugitive from another state'
Ashley Jones' husband Bar Smith was arrested in Nevada (barashleyholly/Instagram)

CARSON CITY, NEVADA: MTV star Bariki 'Bar' Smith was arrested on Tuesday, August 22, and charged with the felony of being a fugitive from another state. Bar remains behind bars at Henderson Detention Center in Nevada with no current bond or release date set, The US Sun confirmed.

Bar had recently moved to Nevada from California with his wife, Ashley Jones, and their 4-year-old daughter, Holly. MTV released a trailer for the new series 'Teen Mom: The Next Chapter', premiering next week, revealing that Bar recently completed a stay in rehab. It is unknown what Bar's treatment was for or how long he was in the facility.


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During the 'Teen Mom 2' reunion special in May 2022, Bar opened up on his struggles with alcohol and his previous DUI arrest, which required him to wear an ankle monitor throughout the season. At one point in the interview, Bar was asked to clarify why he wore an ankle monitor. He explained, “It was to make sure that I didn’t consume alcohol while I was battling the case that I was.” The reality star revealed he was “actually fighting it initially,” but the situation didn’t work out in his favor “because it’s my word against the police's.”

“So it was pretty much the entire time that I was fighting the case that I had to keep it on because they wanted to make sure that I didn’t access any alcohol, which I was pissed off about in the very beginning but it worked out for the best because at the end of the day I do have an addiction, so it worked out to help me get as far away from it as I could,” Bar continued. He added that wearing the device “absolutely” helped him cut back on drinking alcohol.


Following his DUI arrest, Bar was arrested in May 2021 for the willful discharge of a firearm in a negligent manner. He was held at Merced County Sheriff's Main Jail and was released a day later on a bond of $25,000. However, Smith failed to appear for the case, and a bench warrant was put out for his arrest. His arrest took place after Ashley’s college graduation party and was lightly touched on during the Teen Mom 2 season finale. Following clips from the party, text onscreen revealed that Bar was arrested later that night. Cameras were not present to film the situation as the MTV crew left the party at 9 pm. No injuries were reported.

The young dad has been determined to better himself after his string of arrests and alcohol addiction. After the recent arrest, his next hearing for the case is scheduled for September 13.

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