'Your sister walks like this': 'Teen Mom 2' star Leah Messer says her daughters get bullied in school over disability

Reality TV star Leah Messer has a lot on her plate, especially when it comes to her kids Ali and Aleeah

                            'Your sister walks like this': 'Teen Mom 2' star Leah Messer says her daughters get bullied in school over disability

Looks like Leah Messer has a lot on her plate, especially when it comes to her kids Ali and Aleeah. After recently opening up about her daughter Ali's muscular dystrophy, the 'Teen Mom 2' star has now come out to address the problem of bullying that her daughter is facing at the hands of her own schoolmates.

Messer had recently revealed that her daughter Ali suffers from muscular dystrophy and that her condition is getting worse, as reported by Radar Online. Now, it has come to her knowledge that  Ali “has had a lot of trouble recently,” which she shared with her co-star Kailyn Lowry while on vacation in Hawaii. “Her challenges are more visible than they have been before,” she told Lowry. “She’s been getting really, really tired, needing her wheelchair more.”

Then she added the bit about little Ali getting bullied at school too by the kids. “Kids have been making fun of Ali at school to Aleeah,” Messer said. “‘Your sister walks like this.’ Aleeah got angry, punched her book and was crying. Aleeah is having a hard time understanding what’s going on. She needs a lot of our attention so she’s being mean to Ali.” 

She then admitted, “I don’t know how to raise a special needs child.”

After some point, when Messer called upon her baby daddy Corey Simms in order to check in on the girls from her vacation spot, she got to know from him how sick Ali had gotten after Messer left for her holiday. “She hasn’t been feeling well for a while,” Messer said. “This has to be the most f**ked up disorder.”


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However, a clearly distraught Messer was then comforted by her friend Lowry, who decided to help Messer get rid of her thoughts about her daughter Ali and her sickness by focusing on the troubles she was facing with the father of her youngest son Lux, Chris Lopez, and how, in seven long months, it was the second time he had asked about their child.

“That’s horrible,” Lowry said. “I made sure I arranged for Chris to get his supervised visit tomorrow. He posted a picture with the baby in my bed when the baby was a month old. He just posted it the other day. Please don’t be an Instagram dad.”


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Messer's meltdown over her current parental duties comes after it was revealed a few days ago that her daughter Ali suffers from a rare medical disorder called muscular dystrophy, and also took time to speak about all the health issues that have been bothering her daughter.

She also spoke about how her daughter had said that her legs were tingling and, of course, no mother would want to see their child suffer in any way.  Leah said that it broke her heart to see Ali in constant pain and said, "A lot of s--t is happening at once with her and it’s scary. It’s scary." Leah has always been very open and forthcoming about her daughter's disease. 


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"As I’m doing Ali's makeup, she looks at me and says. 'Mom, what’s it like to see with two eyes?'” [sic] Leah had tweeted in April along with a crying face emoji. In a very tear-jerking scene, which aired on the last season of 'Teen Mom,' Ali's twin sister, Aleeah Gracie Simms stated that she feels personally responsible for her sister's health condition. "Is it because I crammed her up? Because I squished her?" Aleeah asked.

To which a visibly emotional Leah responded, "It had nothing to do with you." She said, "You'll learn when you get older, but it's not your fault." Leah did not want her daughter to feel this way or blame herself. She felt that it would be better if Aleeah spoke to a therapist and gave her someone she could talk to, a decision which was heavily criticized by many fans.

While Messer is dealing with her daughter's illness and all that comes along with it, her co-star Janelle Evans is quite likely to lose the custody of her son Kaiser who she shares with Nathan Griffith. On the show's latest episode, Griffith was seen talking to his girlfriend Ashley about how he is filing for full custody of Kaiser.

“I don’t feel safe with him around the other person,” he said of Evans’ husband David Eason. “I want to fight for him and go head on.”

Next, we see Griffith getting a call from Evans' mother Barbara, who tells him, “Jace came home from Jenelle’s and told me David got very angry at Kaiser. Kaiser said, ‘I have to pee,’ and David said, ‘No, you don’t.’ He peed on David. Jace said he spanked him so hard, Kaiser was crying. Jace said to me, ‘He spanks him all the time.'”

“Kaiser told me several incidents. I don’t know how to deal with it,” he told her before making lunch plans. At lunch, Griffith said how Kaiser never wants to go home with his mother because there is “no yelling or screaming” at his dad's house. “I want more visitation, I don’t want supervision,” he said. “I want Jenelle and David to pass a psychological evaluation and a drug test. I think David needs a psychological evaluation.”


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During the course of their meal, Griffith also brought up Eason's use of guns and the fact that he keeps these guns at home when clearly there are too many children around the house which could potentially act as a threat to their well-being. “I am strongly against it unless a kid can understand the consequences of guns,” Griffith said. “I try to keep calm. I’m extremely pissed off. I feel like a horrible dad. I’m hopeless.”