'Teen Mom 2': Leah Messer finds it tough to explain to her daughters after they confuse her relationship with ex-husband Jeremy

Leah Messer is having a hard time making her daughters understand her relationship with her ex-husband and it does not look like it is getting any better.

                            'Teen Mom 2': Leah Messer finds it tough to explain to her daughters after they confuse her relationship with ex-husband Jeremy

In the latest preview of an episode of 'Teen Mom 2' it seems like Leah Messer is having a hard time dealing with her daughters, Adalynn Faith Calvert, Aleeah Grace Simms, and Aliannah Hope Simms. Talking to Kailyn Lowry, Leah noted that her daughters would often go through her phone. "Do your boys go through your phone?" Leah asked Kailyn. Surprised Kailyn exclaimed, "No! God, if they went through my phone they will be traumatized." 

Leah's daughters wanted to know her relationship status with Jeremy (Instagram)

Leah noted that her daughters used her phone and came across her conversation with ex-husband Jeremy. "They grabbed my phone and started going through it and they see stuff with Jeremy and they automatically thought like there was more," Leah said. Listening to this Kailyn was left with her mouth wide open. 

Making a joke out of the situation Kailyn noted, "Isn't it crazy when your kids learn to read and know how to navigate electronics." Leah added that "she hated it" while stating she did not feel good as she did not want to get their hopes up. 

Leah was scared her daughters might get confused about her relationship with Jeremy (Instagram)

"I don't want them to think there is anything more there if it never goes anywhere," Leah said. In the previous episode of the show, Leah seemed to confirm that she has no feelings for Jeremy but it looked like her daughters were not ready to accept it.  “I do not like Jeremy!” Leah said, as reported by People

“I just want you to stop lying and tell me the truth!” Aleeah told her mother. Leah tried to clear the air stating there is nothing going on between them. "Do I like Jeremy? I like Jeremy because it’s Ady’s dad. Do I like y’all’s dad? Do I think there is any possible relationship stuff? Honestly, I don’t know,” she told her three girls. “We’re going with the flow. Whatever happens, happens,” she said. 

Leah further added, "We’re not dating. I am single. Jeremy is single. We’re doing our thing. This is also adult stuff that you shouldn’t be a part of. Just know that I would never lie to you — if something was going on, I would definitely tell you.” While the girls let go of the matter it seems like the reality star will have a tough time convincing them. 

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