'Teen Mom 2': Briana meets Luis after six months only to find out that he wanted money

'Teen Mom 2': Briana meets Luis after six months only to find out that he wanted money

Briana Dejesus and  Luis Hernandez have never been in a healthy relationship and the duo usually try and maintain their distance. However, in the recent episode of 'Teen Mom 2', things changed. Briana revealed that Luis decided to come and visit their daughter, Stella. This unexpected visit left Briana surprised as Luis has largely been absent from their daughter's life. 

Talking to her sister, Brittany, Briana wondered if he came to say goodbye to Stella now that he was going back to trucking. However, Brittany did not seem convinced. “He never came to say ‘hello’ so why the f--- is he coming to say ‘goodbye’?” she asked brusquely. Later in the day, Briana received a text from Luis which helped her connected the dots as to why he suddenly decided to show up. In the text, Luis asked Briana if he could borrow some money. He further added that he would return it to her with interest if needed. 

“Good morning. So as much as I hate to do this, I wanted to see if I can ask you for a huge favor,” Briana read the text. “See if I can borrow some cash from you, I’ll pay you back with interest if I have to and I need to get a few things and leave some things paid before I leave tomorrow night. I hate to ask but I really have no choice.”

When she asked him how much he needed he replied saying, "$1500". “I need to get a few things for work, for example, I need to get a truck, a GPS, and then I need to get meds refilled," Luis explained it to her. Briana could not control her anger towards Luis as she understood that the only reason he came around was for money. 

“Maybe that’s why he started coming around. The audacity. The last time he saw her before yesterday was six, seven months ago,” she said. Meanwhile, her sister added, "You never came around to help this entire time you were here. You don’t need to help financially. You can help physically or emotionally in a sense, you know?” 

Despite this, Briana decided to send Luis money as she hoped things would turn out for the good. Speaking to Luis she confessed that it looked like he was just there for the money and added that she wanted him to step up with her responsibilities towards Stella. 

'Teen Mom 2' airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm on MTV. 


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