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'Teen Mom 2': Why is Jeremy upset over Leah's tell-all book? She wonders if he wants to protect himself

Leah Messer is disappointed to see Jeremy Calver's response to the idea of her sharing everything about her life in a book
UPDATED OCT 28, 2020
Leah Messer and Jeremy (MTV)
Leah Messer and Jeremy (MTV)

Leah Messer is finally opening up about her struggle with addiction. In the latest episode (October 27), Leah revealed she had been working on a book for a long time and was finally ready for the world to know everything about her. Her book titled 'Hope, Grace & Faith' reflects on the ups and downs in her life. 

Right from her battle with addiction to her relationships, Leah has not left out a single chapter of her life. The reality star decided to break this news to her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, who was also a part of her book. Jeremy and Leah have always had a rollercoaster of a relationship. Even though the pair is in a better place now, things were not always the same. When they were dating, Leah was unhappy to find out Jeremy had been talking about her addiction behind her back. She felt upset and hurt to find out that he decided to talk against her to others. 

When Jeremy found out that Leah had mentioned everything in her book, he was shocked. Jeremy did not like the idea of knowing that their relationship would be on full display for the world to read. He also added that it would be better for Leah to not talk about her book while on camera. However, Leah did not feel the same way. 

Seeing how Jeremy reacted, she wondered if he was trying to protect himself or her. Despite this reaction, she decided to stay strong and focus on what she had planned. Opening up about her book, Leah revealed she wanted to speak up because she was not ashamed anymore. 

Since addiction was a thing of the past, Leah thought now was the right time to open up about her own battles. She hoped to help people who have been feeling like she once felt and give them hope that things would get better. "I am owning my story. I own the highs and the lows," she said. 

Leah made it clear that she was going to embrace the person she was and let the world know that it is never too late to make a difference and change paths. 

'Teen Mom 2' airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on MTV.