'Teen Mom 2': Sean breaks a window as Jade refuses to let him in, cops say 'just stick a piece of wood on it'

As we know, Sean was jobless while Jade was doing all the work and that was one of the main reasons why the couple had a fallout

                            'Teen Mom 2': Sean breaks a window as Jade refuses to let him in, cops say 'just stick a piece of wood on it'
Sean and Jade (MTV)

On the December 22 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ we get more clarity on the Jade and Sean separation situation. In the last episode, we saw Jade kicked Sean out of the house but let him come back later to see their daughter Kloie. 

As we know Sean was jobless and that was one of the reasons why Jade and he had a fallout. Jade felt once Sean was on his own, he would realize that it was important to be independent and appreciate what Jade did for the family. Viewers took to Instagram to express their opinions, “JAAAAAAAADDDDDEEEE it’s literally a cycle. 'I need someone to watch Kloie so Shawn is coming over. Shawn seems like he really bettered himself. Me and Shawn got back together because he’s seems to have changed. Shawn isn’t doing anything to help me out. Me and Shawn broke up." Another felt it was Jade who was keeping him away from getting a real job, "She also can’t have it both ways like does she need him to stay home and take care of the baby or does she want him to work??? I’m confused."

Jade said Sean was staying at some “extended place”, which is like an apartment but not entirely, but it was not her problem to worry about him. When asked how Kloie was reacting to the situation, Jade said she didn’t understand what was going on. Meanwhile, Sean had time to sit and think about it. “They both need to get their s**t together. jade continue with your business and sean continue with getting / having a job. yall are toooo old already to be acting like babies. yall have a daughter get it together. the fightening and kicking eachother out back and forth is getting you guys nowhere and thats why its stressful. have your jobs, save your money for a better place / environment and work on yourselves. if you dont like your life / situation CHANGE it and not by bitching & fighting," another fan commented on Instagram.

Later, Jade and Sean sat and talked when Jade came back home from work. Sean told her he was in a negative headspace and since Jade ran the house, she controlled everything and he got frustrated after a while. With time apart, his mental health was getting better. He also told Jade that he missed how they used to be best friends and understood each other. However, Jade was in no mood to patch things up. Even though she said they were in a good place relationship wise, she reminded Sean that she worked very hard for the family and she wanted some support doing that.

A viewer wrote, "He’s trying to apologize for how he reacted? I give him credit for that. I don’t know the whole story but he’s there with his daughter, no? Money sometimes can really stress I hope he gets a job soon. Communication is key! I am still learning from it. Which is really hard so o understand both of them.” Another said, “Healthy communication once they get that down, they will thrive as parents and then as friends/partners.” Another wrote, “At least she gave him a little time to speak, before she took over the conversation.”

However, later we saw Sean was late for babysitting Kloie and when he finally arrived Jade had already asked her neighbor to look after Kloie and she didn’t let Sean in. Sean was mad and he broke Jade’s living room window. Scared at the unexpected aggressiveness, Jade called up the police authorities but they dismissed her saying, “put a piece of wood on the window".

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