'Teen Mom 2' Finale Spoilers: Restraining order to baby mama drama, here's what the episode has in store for us

A female voice called Brianna a 'dumb fatty ass b***h' in the preview while Jade tried to get a restraining order against Sean

                            'Teen Mom 2' Finale Spoilers: Restraining order to baby mama drama, here's what the episode has in store for us
Jade Cline and Brianna DeJesus (MTV)

Another season of MTV’s hit reality show ‘Teen Mom 2’ is coming to an end and the official handle of the show posted it’s preview. “Next Tuesday, be here for the CAN’T MISS season finale of #TeenMom2!” said the caption.




The preview started with Kailyn Lowry receiving a text message from her ex-husband Javi Marroquin girlfriend, Lauren and Kailyn saying, “I think I’m gonna throw up.” Don’t worry, she is not pregnant again but this is about a previous mess that went down between Kailyn and Javi when she accused him of trying to hook up with her in a parking garage while his girlfriend was home taking care of his son, according to our earlier report. Kailyn and Javi share custody of their six-year-old son Lincoln. Javi’s infidelity didn’t come as a surprise to viewers because he reportedly cheated on his girlfriends several times. After recording the podcast 'Baby Mama No Drama' (Kailyn's latest venture) and talking about it, the incident came up again.

Kailyn recently talked about it on her podcast ‘Baby Mama No Drama’ and on the December 22 episode we saw Lauren wanted to talk to Kailyn about it, probably looking for more clarity. 

Leah Messer recently started sending her daughters to school (except for Ali because of her critical medical condition) amidst the pandemic after Covid-19 cases started coming down but she stopped and only sent her eldest daughter to school. Unfortunately her youngest daughter got sick. In the preview Leah’s ex Jeremy Calvert informed she was running a temperature, had sore throat and headache, which are all signs of Covid-19. 

Brianna DeJesus and her ex Devoin, who always fought and never could find a middle ground when it came to parenting their kid Nova took it to a whole new level when Devoin made Brianna’s number public on Instagram. We also heard a female voice who calling Brianna a “dumb fatty ass bi##h.”

Jade Cline tried to get a restraining order against Sean who threatened to destroy her car. The preview also included a clip of Sean telling one of the producers that he was at his rock bottom. While Chelsea Houska who had been laying low for quite some episodes, questions her exit from the show.

'Teen Mom 2' airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on MTV.

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