'Teen Mom 2': Briana questions Devoin's family being unavailable for Nova, fans remind her she pushed them away

'Teen Mom 2': Briana questions Devoin's family being unavailable for Nova, fans remind her she pushed them away
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Briana DeJesus and Devoin Austin's relationship has evolved over the years, but she still cannot get over how his family treated her when she was pregnant. Devoin's mother was not happy that Briana chose not to use his last name for their daughter, Nova. The conversation about the last name had led to a fight. 

Talking to her friend on the phone, Briana explained she was not happy to see how she was treated when she was just a teenager. This argument led to Briana making the decision of not letting Nova interact with them. Despite this, as time went by, Devoin managed to come around and be there for this daughter. 

In the latest episode (October 6), Briana found out that Nova met her grandmother when she went to meet Devoin. She was shocked to hear this as he had not informed her about this. Since Nova was meeting her grandmother after a long time, Briana wondered what made her come into Nova's life once again. She questioned if Devoin's mother's intentions were to be there for a long time as she did not want Nova to have high hopes and then be disappointed.

To add to this, Briana had been wondering if Devoin's mother would be coming for Nova's birthday. Since she had not met his family for a long time, she wondered what might happen. Once the day for the party came, Briana was shocked to see Devoin's mother making it to the party. She had mixed emotions about her being there. Briana was quick to inform Devoin that she did not want to leave Nova disappointed in the end and it was important for his family to be there. 


Fans had mixed emotions about how she was reacting as one wrote, "I'm confused I thought that Brianna didn't want Nova going over to Devions family?? So why is she upset that she's not around??" Another added, "Wait a f***ing minute? Briana is really good at rewriting history. For years Devon lived with his mom and she didn’t want Nova going over to their house. Now it’s grandma doesn’t ask about u, she doesn’t come around etc..."



Some thought she was being hard on Devoin's family as one comment read, "Briana is so annoying when it comes to Devoin and his family. Devoin has done much better than Luis and you still try to make him look so bad, yet you have sex with Luis."


Another wrote, "I’m over Briana making it seem like Devoin can’t do anything right when he’s trying. Stop giving him a hard time while you’re giving deadbeat a** Luis the pum pum."

'Teen Mom 2' airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on TLC. 

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