Words of wisdom: Lessons every girl in her twenties needs to learn from these older women

The most important lesson these older women have for their younger counterparts is that they should spend more time 'being' rather than 'doing'

                            Words of wisdom: Lessons every girl in her twenties needs to learn from these older women
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Being a woman is not an easy task. In a world full of people who try to bring you down, rate you on your looks, judge you on the type of clothes you wear, and question your decisions, it is an everyday battler for a woman to prove herself. One would say that woman have come a long way from how they were treated in the past but, just a look around ourselves tells us that the fight is not yet over. Right from the MeToo movement to the Time's Up movement, women are trying everything they can to ensure that their voice is heard.

There are times when we wish we could go back to the time we were in kindergarten, to a place without any judgments where we could be who we wanted to be.

However, as we grow up, we find ourselves caught in the rat race called life and end up losing our sense of self. The greatest struggle starts when we are in our 20s. In a bid to find who we are, and trying to prove our worth, we put a lot at stake. Some of us try to be successful at work because we want to prove that we are just as good as anyone else in the office, while there are others who try to be a perfect mother and provide for their family. 

In this hurry of making sure that we have ticked off all the things on our 'To do' list, we barely realize that we have just lost the time that we would never get back. Sure, there are times when you convince yourself that the thing you wanted to do could be postponed to the next day but there are times when that tomorrow never comes. 

In a video shared by Feedytv.com, old women come together and respond to a simple question: What has been their biggest regret in life? Most of the ladies brought attention to one growing concern for people in this age — technology. While technology is supposed to bring us a world of pleasure, little do we know that it is one of the reasons we feel stress. Keeping yourself glued to phones trying to be more present in social media than in real life, people have forgotten what it means to truly live. 

These older women believe that women should not create a 'to do' list but rather should focus on creating a 'to don't' list. While another stated that it is important to give time to the things that you believe are important because you shouldn't look back and regret that you let it pass by because you were occupied with something else. This could be cuddling your dear ones before it is too late or spending five more seconds on the dance floor. 

However, the most important message from all of the women was that one should not burn themselves out but enjoy the beauty that lies in each and every moment. Be kind to oneself, be kind to others and allow yourself the freedom of letting go and being proud of it. But most of all, they believe that every woman should spend time "being" and not "doing".