Racist teen calls Asian coffee shop servers 'viruses' on TikTok, sparks outrage: 'Little b*****d is cancer'

The disturbing video of the teenager has gone viral on TikTok with 3.3 million views

                            Racist teen calls Asian coffee shop servers 'viruses' on TikTok, sparks outrage: 'Little b*****d is cancer'
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A TikTok video of a kid verbally abusing workers of a coffee shop has gone viral on the Internet. The kid was also heard calling the Asian servers “viruses” in the video, which has been watched 3.3 million times. As per reports, the disturbing video was shared on the social media platform by @valplayoce with a caption that read, “This occurred so close to where I live, and it's sad to see that racist encounters like so occur every day in this world."

The incident reportedly took place at Folks Gallery in Canberra, Australia, with the teenager aggressively pushing his phone on a coffee shop worker’s face. He was heard repeatedly saying “viruses”, a slur that has become more common after the outbreak of the Covid-19, which was first reported in China. The kid also said something in another language, but it seemed he was abusing the employee. He then told the staff member, “Why are you filming the back of my head? You already got my face." Also, before leaving the place, the teenager spits on the ground near the worker.


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The video was posted on Reddit too, where several people condemned the teenager’s racist action. One such user commented, “Little asshole thinks he is the hot shit. Hope there’s a follow-up video of him crying like a little bitch and begging for forgiveness after all the backlash.” Another user wrote, “It is unfortunate that he has these ideas that he is untouchable and this his opinions are viable. It is not going to be fun when he pisses of the wrong person.”

“I was praying to see a wild brick just flying along minding it's own business to land up side his head. Little bastard is a cancer, I'm a Cancer, so I'll assume I can say that,” a person said. Another one added: “Okay. I’m not one for disciplining someone else’s kids. If I saw this little fucker spitting after all of that I think I may have channeled my inner mother and snatch his ear and twisted. Quite possibly would have slapped the spit out of him too. I am half Chinese and dealt with similar shit from coworkers when last March. When I complained I was one of the first laid off when the racist got to keep working. Shit needs to stop.”

Gunplay's racist comment

In another incident, Florida rapper Gunplay too had made a racist comment. He clarified his stance about the Asian community in a social media post on March 7. The 41-year-old was live streaming over the weekend when he spewed insults aimed at an Asian fan. He reportedly used a series of slurs while blaming the unidentified person and their race for the coronavirus pandemic. "You f*****g Chinese gook. You Lo Mein, Lao Mein, corona-having a** m*********a. You’re the one who f****d up this whole shit. Get off my Live, gook … your race effed up the world,” Gunplay said.

However, after facing a lot of backlashes, he posted another clip on his Instagram account in his defense. "Hey, I'm making this post real quick for WorldStar, number-one, because they got me on there hating on Asians, dawg, when I love Asians. I watch Japanese porn, so shut the f**k up, first of all. Second of all, m**********r, you didn't see when the m**********r was trolling me, calling me *****, the whole time, trolling me the whole time. So, if you come with a knife at a fight, I'm gonna shoot you in the f*****g front of your forehead with my words. I f**k with the Asian community,” Gunplay noted while adding, “I have no problems with Asians. I would love to f**k an Asian bitch. I've been to the m********king massage place and f****d one before. They got some good Asian p***y, you see what I'm saying? So, dawg, I'm trying to get me some Asian p***y here, y'all f*****g me up now. Shout out to the Asians, but that other m**********r, he can die a violent AK-47 death in front of his kids... I wouldn't mind. You see what I'm saying? But for the Asian community, I love y'all, for real, for real. I f**k with y'all. Y'all are vibes so let it be known, all right."

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