Teen with cerebral palsy used as human bridge by disgusting bullies to cross freezing creek

Brett Corbett was forced to lie down in a freezing creek in Nova Scotia while 30 students from his high school stood around swearing, laughing and walking all over him

                            Teen with cerebral palsy used as human bridge by disgusting bullies to cross freezing creek


An appalling video has emerged on social media of a group of bullies forcing a 14-year-old boy with cerebral palsy to lie face down in a muddy creek so that they could use him as a human bridge.

Brett Corbett's ordeal took place in the freezing cold water in Nova Scotia, Canada, on November 6, while 30 students from his high school were standing around and swearing, laughing and walking all over him.

The footage went viral on social media and a police investigation has been launched. The incident also sparked an anti-bullying protests at the Glace Bay High School as well.

The teen told his mother, Terri McEachern, about the incident but presented it as a dare to take a swim in the creek behind the school.

The videos circulating online, however, showed the real behavior of his classmates. In one of the videos, Brett is seen standing in the middle of the creek and being surrounded by a group of teens, the Daily Mail reported.


The teen can then be seen in the video lying down on his stomach as the water rushes around him. A teen girl was then caught on camera stepping on his back and jumping to the other side of the bank. Another video shows Brett standing up after the girl jumps across, but is then ordered by someone to lie down in the creek again. 

One of the students can be heard yelling in the background at Brett: "Do it you f**king b***h." At least three other teens are reported to have used the hapless Brett as a human bridge while the rest of the bullies threw rocks at the teen while he was lying in the creek.

Brett told Global News: "I was standing there as a dare and then they said if 'you don't get in I'm going to effin punch you, get on your effin stomach'. Then I let a girl walk on my back thinking it was nice, but then I realized it wasn't nice at all. I was freezing... no one tried to help me. The girl literally walked on my back, she said, 'could you get back down please, I don't want to get wet'. I shouldn't have let her walk on my back."

The teen also said that he has been subjected to similar behavior on a daily basis in school. His devastated mother said that the school still hasn't done anything proactive to stop her son from being bullied. The silver lining is that after the video went viral, school officials suspended a few students. A few of the students in the school reportedly walked out of classes on November 9 in protest over how Brett was treated.

(Source: Facebook)
(Source: Facebook)

McEachern told The Chronicle Herald: "I'm heartbroken and angry everyone in that video is standing and watching and no one helped. I want this to stop. As of yesterday, there was no mention of it at the school. They did suspend the students after it went viral. But before that, the school tried to brush it under the rug. A teacher assistant at the school actually told him today it's his fault that students are getting suspended, that he chose to take part in that incident and he should watch his actions. He said he was being pushed into it."

Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Centre for Education has said that they are looking into the incident very seriously. The school district said in a statement: "The behavior of the students involved is not one that the Centre for Education is proud of. Both the school and administration are presently investigating the incident. It is the intent of administration to sit down with the family to discuss the incident further."