Austin McEntyre: Georgia teen, 15, dies by suicide two days after telling mom his bullies depantsed him

Austin McEntyre: Georgia teen, 15, dies by suicide two days after telling mom his bullies depantsed him
Austin McEntyre was reportedly bullied so badly that he ended his life by suicide two days fater telling his mother about his ordeal (11Alive/Facebook)

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

HEARD COUNTY, GEORGIA: A 15-year-old Heard County High School student reportedly ended his life by suicide on Sunday, November 6, after being depantsed by bullies at school. The Heard County Sheriff’s Office reportedly said that an investigation had been launched into the claims of bullying leading up to the teenager's death.

Austin McEntyre, 15, died just two days after he told his mother Lisa that he was being bullied at school. Heard County Sheriff’s Office said, “We are looking for reasons behind the incident,” according to 11Alive.


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According to 11Alive, McEntyre, who was a freshman at Heard County High School, told his mother on Friday, on November 4, that he was sick and did not feel like going to school. When his mother asked him to get tested for Covid-19, he reportedly admitted that he was not sick but did not want to face his bullies a school. “I specifically said, ‘Will you please be honest with me?’ And he said, ‘I’m being bullied at school.’ I said, ‘Ok, what exactly have they been doing?’ ‘Well Wednesday, they did what’s called pantsed me.’ Well, this particular time they pantsed him with his shorts and underwear,” Lisa explained.

Lisa immediately told the principal what had happened. That same afternoon, she learned that the incident was being addressed and those involved were being dealt with. She added that her son wouldn’t go into a lot of detail about the bullying, but she thought the issue would be handled.


The next day, things seemed normal and the mother-son duo enjoyed a pleasant afternoon while roaming around their property. Lisa said the two even had a bittersweet conversation, where McEntyre told her that at one point that he didn’t feel he had many friends. Lisa then asked him if he would ever end his life and she reportedly said that his reponse was a resolute “No.” The pair then enjoyed their Saturday night, November 5, together and Lisa went to bed while McEntyre stayed up late.

Austin McEntyre, 15, died by suicide after shooting himself on Sunday (11alive/YouTube)
Austin McEntyre, 15, died by suicide after being bullied on Sunday, November 6 (Screenshot fro. 11alive/YouTube)

The following day, Lisa got two calls from the Heard County Sheriff’s Office that she missed while at work. When she came back home and saw deputies at her residence. “I said, 'He’s gone isn’t he?' And he shook his head 'yes'... I just completely lost it,” Lisa explained.

Lisa said she had since learned the extent of what McEntyre was going through and hiding from her and everyone this whole time. She was now hoping to help others who may be going through what her son endured. “We want to honor him, and make a statement that this bullying can’t continue,” she explained. “I want kids to be kind and compassionate and inclusive of everybody. They don’t need to isolate kids and make them feel like they’re not worth something, People are wanting and willing to listen and help. Don’t ever feel like you’re ever carrying this whole world on your shoulders alone. You’re not,” she added. McEntyre is survived by his mother and two younger sisters.

Austin is survived by his mother and two younger sisters.  (11Alive/YouTube)
Austin McEntyre pictured during happier times (Screenshot from 11Alive/YouTube)

Responding to the tragic death of the young boy, Heard County School Superintendent said, “The school system is heartbroken over the loss of one of our high school students, Austin McEntyre. There is an ongoing investigation into the claims of bullying as well as other events which have been brought to light by law enforcement. The school system has a policy in place, as required by law, which prohibits bullying. Students have many resources in which they can reach out for help if they are experiencing bullying or witness bullying.”

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