'Team Kaylie' Season 3: Release date, trailer, plot and all you need to know about Netflix series

'Team Kaylie' Season 3: Release date, trailer, plot and all you need to know about Netflix series
Team Kaylie (Photo: IMDB)

A colorful life that comes to a screeching halt after a life-changing car accident - that's Kaylie Konrad for you, a 19-year-old millionaire who is forced to assume a leadership role of a rag-tag Wilderness Club leaving behind her mansions and luxurious holidays. Netflix's 'Team Kaylie' documents the exciting journey of a teenager who is still learning from her mistakes and trying to unfold a new person in her.

Release Date

'Team Kaylie' is set to release on February 3 on Netflix.


Kaylie is a social media influencer and belongs to an affluent family. Her background is such that she has never had to face real-life challenges in life. However, with her being pushed to take up a task that she's extremely incapable of, transforms her into a whole new person. Imagine leading a group of middle-schoolers through the camp, adventure, and fishing trips, when all you have done in life is perfecting a selfie angle. It's tough for Kaylie but that's where the fun lies in the series. 


Bryana Salaz plays the protagonist; she is best known for her participation in NBC's reality show 'The Voice.' Alongside Bryana, there's Alison Fernandez who is magnificent as Amber, a headstrong tween who cannot make peace with Kaylie's contribution to the club. In other news, all the main cast members will return to reprise their roles in season 3.



'Team Kaylie' has been developed by and executive produced by Pamela Eells O’Connell, while directing it is Bob Koherr.


Watch the fast-paced, all things high-school sneak peek into Season 3 right here.

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