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Peppa Pig vs Kanye West: Internet divided after discovering Ye's beef with fictional pig

Netizens spark debate over West's feud with a beloved children's cartoon character 'Peppa pig' after a Hip Hop By The Numbers tweet listing his beef's
UPDATED FEB 21, 2022
Kanye West has a crazy beef list (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)
Kanye West has a crazy beef list (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Kanye West is not new to feuds and brawls in the industry, in fact he owns a big list of beefs which are increasing by each passing day. West, who now goes by “Ye,” shared in a since-deleted Instagram post a screenshot of a Hip Hop By The Numbers tweet listing everyone Ye has had beef with over the years including the famous children’s cartoon character Peppa Pig. Crazy isn't it? What's more interesting is, West didn't deny the allegations and called the list just a half of the reality.

West shared the post on February 18, and the list includes a few obvious names like Taylor Swift, Nike, Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, and Jay-Z. What more amused the fans is the name " Peppa pig" which just a stupid comic character often loved by the kid. "Why would 'West' have Beef with a fictional character?" asked his fans and netizens who drew their attention over the post.


Peppa Pig is notoriously known for her bratty personality, often being rude and selfish to the show's other characters. Ye didn't necessarily deny names on the list, saying, "Come on guys...the list is twice as long." He continued to troll, adding at the end, "Wow. Being rich is fun!!!!" A social media user even searched Peppa Pig's height, insisting the unusually tall fictional pig can take on a bulky-booted Kanye West. He is currently in DONDA 2 mode, preparing for the album's listening party (or perhaps, three more listening parties like DONDA) on February 22 in Miami.



As soon as this crazy comparison broke out, immediate response started spreading through the social media. A BuzzFeed poll on whether people are “team peppa or team kanye '' shows the overwhelming majority of the near 3,000-person survey favoring Peppa. Here are some of the interesting tweets by the netizens.





Even though some of them joined hands with West many of them did supportted the cartoon star ' Peppa' . Here are some of the reactions.




While several people were befuddled by the rapper’s apparent beef with a cartoon, the pair actually have history. In September, Peppa trolled Ye after Peppa’s Adventures: The Album received a review from Pitchfork that was better than Ye’s Donda by 0.5 points. And supposedly that had triggered a beef between the them.