Did 'Love & Hip Hop' star Teairra Mari leak sex tape herself? Her boyfriend certainly thinks so

Mari's controversial sex tape leak is making those close to her question whether she had leaked it herself for attention

                            Did 'Love & Hip Hop' star Teairra Mari leak sex tape herself? Her boyfriend certainly thinks so
Teairra Mari (Source: Getty Images)

On May 9, many fans and followers of Teairra Mari were shocked to hear that someone had leaked a sex tape allegedly involving the Love & Hip Hop star. When the tape leaked, Mari appeared to be devastated and was having a difficult time processing the shock. 

The 30-year-old was not in a good place post the leak. However, according to insiders who spoke to Hollywood Life, it is possible that Mari may have leaked the tape herself. A source close to her boyfriend, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, said, "Akbar is telling everyone that he’s hiding from Teairra. 

"He says she smashed up two of his rides yesterday after he accused her of leaking the video herself," the source continued. The insider went on to add that Akbar himself is willing to admit that he is in the video and he is scared that she will lash out again over the tape's release. 

"He admits it’s him in the video but swears he never leaked it, which is why he’s convinced she did it for the attention. He says he’s hiding from her now because he’s afraid of what she’ll do next," the source shared. 

When the sex tape leaked, Teairra was very upset and a source close to her told Hollywood Life, "She shouldn’t feel ashamed, but she does. It’s such a violating feeling. Lots of people are supporting her and telling her to stay strong and that it’s not her fault but there are way more people taking this chance to attack her and kick her while she’s down."

"The worst part is that there are people, even people she thought were so-called friends, that are questioning whether she was somehow part of this and did it all for attention. That hurts so bad because she would never, ever do that. Having people think that is like being doubly betrayed," the source continued. 

Teairra posted a statement in response to the leak.