"These girls are incredible, they wrote, created, acted, and edited the whole show": 'Teachers' star Ryan Caltagirone on the 'Katydids'

Meaww speaks to Ryan Caltagirone who plays the delightful yet 'nameless' "hot dad" in the series 'Teachers'.

                            "These girls are incredible, they wrote, created, acted, and edited the whole show": 'Teachers' star Ryan Caltagirone on the 'Katydids'

If you have not watched 'Teachers' yet, you are definitely missing out on some good laughs! The show is about six hilarious elementary school teachers who are trying their level best to nurture and mold children's minds while balancing their own issues and personal life in a shockingly hilarious way!

The show was put together by 'Katydids' a group comprising of a talented and comedic bunch of women including the likes of Caitlin Barlow, Katy Colloton, Cate Freedman, Kate Lambert, Katie O’Brien, and Kathryn Renée Thomas. Meaww speaks to Ryan Caltagirone who plays the delightful yet nameless "hot dad" on the series.  

"There is such a familiar atmosphere on the sets and it is always fun and full of laughter. We have been doing this for almost four years now," shares Ryan. "These girls are incredible and they run the whole show. They write it, they create it, they act in it, they are involved in any process — casting process from head to toe," he continued.

"I look forward to it every time," Ryan adds when it comes to being on 'Teachers'. He believes that the set and crew always make a difference to the atmosphere and final production and the cast and crew of the show are "genuinely proud of it". He goes on to credit the creators of the show for their brilliant sense of humor and how it translates and comes through the characters. 

"Every time I read a script where I am in it, I would actually laugh out loud. I have watched every single episode that they have done even if I am not in it. I feel so happy for them and what they have achieved. I am very inspired by them," he shared.

"They really understand comedy. They are very bold with some of the themes that they are attacking and are very progressive in that way. They take chances and that is really honorable," Caltagirone adds. "It is incredible to see how they work seven days a week and somehow manage to keep relationships outside of work".  

All the six teachers have unique characteristics and as the viewers see them be 'teachers', you frequently take a step into their personal and slightly crazy lives. 

Ryan Caltagirone plays the "hot dad" of the series and is one of the parents of a student in the school. Through the series, his real name is not revealed no matter how hard he tries to share it. "I'm kind of like the joke of the show and you just never learn my name. Just when I am about to say it, something comes up and it never happens," he jokes. 

The role of the "hot dad" did come with its consequences but as Ryan jokingly puts it, "I suppose there are worse things to be called". 

When it comes to the comedy genre, Ryan believes that "You should make yourself valuable. Take direction. With comedy, you have to service the words or it won't work. You can't service the words the way they were written. This where I try to do my part and set up the joke. You have to be part of the team". 

Ryan has also had the opportunity was working alongside Owen Wilson, Steve Martin, and Jack Black on the movie 'The Big Year' and as he recalls, "It was pretty exciting". Ryan revealed what put him through the auditions over many others was his "weird laugh" and that was what director David Frankel was intrigued by. 

Ryan was unsure that he would get the part given the competition and was told "not to get his hopes up" so the call with Frankel specifically asking for him to do the role took him by surprise and as he says, "it was a great learning experience. The cast was unbelievable. It was great to watch Owen and with him, no take is ever the same. He is always trying to do something better," Ryan added. 

The 'Teachers' star shared that he has not yet got a chance to play a wide range of characters but hopes to be able to do so and would love to dabble in political drama. "I am open to whatever is a cool story. I am open to everything," he adds. "The main thing to understand is where you fit in. It's like pieces of a puzzle and the trick is to not go overboard or suddenly it is like that piece of the puzzle no longer fits". 

"My journey so far has been humbling and exciting. It has been a hustle and it forces you to learn about yourself and grow as a human being," Ryan concluded.