Female teacher's aide caught sitting on male high school student's lap, school starts investigation

Female teacher's aide caught sitting on male high school student's lap, school starts investigation

A video of a female teacher's aide sitting on the lap of a male teenage student went viral on social media and has prompted an immediate investigation in the case, as reported by KUTV.

The incidence happened at Granger High School, Utah, leading to outrage among parents as well as teachers. The woman's identity has not yet been revealed but her behavior is being considered highly inappropriate and unprofessional.

According to reports, the woman in question is not an employee of the school and was hired on an hourly basis. According to the Granger High School, she has been working there since the beginning of this year but her position as a teacher's aide is not a licensed one. 

A district spokesperson told KUTV, "This employee is an hourly aide who works with students in our credit recovery program (assisting the teacher who oversees this program). She has been employed at the school since the beginning of the school year. We appreciate the parent who initially reported the video to our school administration on Friday. The employee has not been to work since it was reported. The video speaks for itself and we anticipate taking appropriate action as soon as our investigation is complete."

This incident follows on the heels of a video emerging out of Eagleville High School, Illinois, where a male teacher was captured on camera touching a female student highly inappropriately.

The teacher, Travis Holland, was seen touching the student as if he were caressing her and his hands moved from her back to her waist. As reported by Unilad, Holland, who was also the baseball coach at the school has been suspended without pay pending further investigation.

However, the case took an unexpected turn when the parents of the girl actually spoke in favor of Holland, saying he was trying to comfort their daughter following a family bereavement.

The school authorities, however, had received complaints about his inappropriate behavior earlier as well and released the following statement, "We were notified of the video and did an initial review, but then deferred to law enforcement and DCS for their review. We have now heard back from both agencies and they are not pursuing any further investigation. However, the school district has suspended the employee without pay pending the outcome of a district investigation."


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 Teacher's aide filmed sitting on a teenager's lap sparks outrage