Teacher slammed for mocking CRT-opposed parents with Dr Seuss parody in viral video

The video has gone viral with more than 80k views and hundreds of comments

                            Teacher slammed for mocking  CRT-opposed parents with Dr Seuss parody in viral video
Screenshots of the unnamed teacher (Twitter/ @libsoftiktok)

A video of a teacher has gone viral on the internet as she took a dig at parents who oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools and books containing pornographic content. The unnamed teacher, whose school district is also not known, also made it clear that she hates those kinds of parents at school board meetings by reading a Dr Seuss parody.

The one-minute and 21 seconds long clip has been shared by Libs of Tik Tok on Twitter and has been viewed more than 80k times. It also received hundreds of comments mostly against the teacher. The caption of the video read, “After parents spoke out against CRT & books containing pornographic content, this teacher demeaned them with a Dr. Seuss parody. Unhinged,” as the teacher begins: “Everyone only enters like reading a lot but some even … enter did not. These cooks hated reading, the whole reading season, please don’t ask why no one quite knows the reason. It could be perhaps critical thinking causes fright, it could be their heads are screwed on just right.”


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She continued, “Whatever the reasons, their brains or their fright, they can’t follow policy in plain black and white. You wrote EF local so there are children could learn, please follow policy it there is cause for concern. These bigots don’t get to choose for us. That's clear then how I am wondering did we even get here. They growl at our meetings, all hawing, and humming, ‘we must start this indoctrination from coming’. They have come for the books and the bonds and what for. Their kids don’t even attentively attend schools anymore,” before concluding: “Bring back our books, maintain decorum, good grief. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a meeting in peace?”

People on the internet did not seem impressed with her parody as a user commented, “What an angry energy and terrible sense of rhythm.” Another one tweeted, “All the time she spent writing this, thinking it was so clever, only to try and rhyme books and grief. Shame. Be better.” “Notice how there was not a single cheer or clap,” the third one added.






A person said, “The silence in the room when she finished reading says a lot, No round of applause for her, That's pure gold.” The second one stated, “I live in this school district. There are teachers fighting against the books with the pornographic content.” A tweet hitting back at the teacher read, “I'd love to see the aftermath of that attempt if I'm ALREADY at the school because you dragged me there for this kind of nonsense, and then you try to spit this back at me, I'd ask for my turn on the mic. I can easily come up with a much more intense/demeaning rhyme right back.”








Another tweet slammed, “I believe a teacher like that we don't need her to teach any students because our parents are the ones who make The Choice not the school board.” A user pointed, “I guess she forgot her liberal brethren  cancelled Dr. Seus last year.” The second one jokingly wrote, “You know how to lose your job? Insult the people who you answer to. Good strategy.” “Uses Dr Seuss as a template for her remarks when the left says Dr Seuss is racist. Lol couldn't make it up,” a person added.






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