Utah teacher smuggled teen student into closed school inside bin after telling her he 'misses and loves her'

Lucas Sloan Talley allegedly hugged and touched the teen inappropriately numerous times

                            Utah teacher smuggled teen student into closed school inside bin after telling her he 'misses and loves her'
(Salt Lake county jail)

RIVERTON, UTAH: A married teacher has been arrested for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a teen student, whom he also smuggled in a bin to a closed school, which had been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Lucas Sloan Talley was held at Salt Lake County Jail on Friday, December 4, after being charged with two counts of kidnapping.

A police booking affidavit said Talley taught the students of South Hills Middle School for 12 years during which he “had personal contact via text message and email with multiple young girls. Much of this contact has been of a personal nature and not school related.” It continued: “Lucas told detectives he has realized he needs the validation from these female students for his ego and thrives on it. Lucas said when the school shut down due to the pandemic, he really struggled with not having this validation, so began talking with this female victim daily Monday through Friday.” The affidavit also added that the accused  “knew he was overstepping his teacher role but his interactions with the female victim were a type of therapy for him.”

Sandy Riesgraf, a spokeswoman for Jordan School District, said that the 38-year-old accused is “no longer employed” by the district. According to police, Talley quit his job nearly one week before his arrest. He allegedly began an “emotional relationship” with one of his 14-year-old students. “Lucas began talking to the young female about his marriage, as well as his anxiety and depression. Lucas began taking treats to the young female’s home and spending time (hours) inside the girl’s home with her,” the affidavit stated.

Police also said that during that time the victim was allegedly hugged and touched inappropriately numerous times by the teacher. “The female victim was scared something sexual was about to happen and felt uncomfortable and did not want to be in this setting with Lucas,” the official document said. Talley allegedly planned two meetings with the teenager inside the school when it was closed because of the Covid-19. “Due to this, when the female victim arrived at the school, Lucas told the girl to get into a large black and yellow Sterilite bin. Lucas placed the Sterilite bin (with the female victim inside of the bin) on a dolly device and wheeled the girl into his classroom,” the affidavit read. The man also told police that the bin was named after the girl and he placed a label inside it that stated, “Hope your box is comfortable.”

The affidavit mentioned that the parents of the victim did not know their daughter was placed in the bin and he “does not feel a girl at the age of 14 is able to consent or even choose to be put into a bin and wheeled into his classroom.” Police said Talley was strictly asked by the girl’s mother to stop contacting her daughter in June, but the teacher allegedly ignored it and carried on with sending texts, video messages, and emails to the girl.

“Lucas told detectives he has had other parents reach out to him and tell him to stop talking to their young daughters. Detectives are still actively investigating other cases which will be linked to Lucas,” the police affidavit said, before adding the accused said he “had thought of being with (the girl) as a couple, but knew he would have to wait six to seven years before he could get to this point.” “Multiple emails, text messages and video messages have been obtained which show Lucas telling the female victim he loves her and misses her.”

It has also been revealed that this was not the first time Talley had an inappropriate relationship with minors. “Lucas stated he talks to young girls who he knows has issues with anxiety, depression or other forms of struggles. Lucas said some girls he will not talk to about personal stuff because they do not have struggles he is aware of,” the affidavit mentioned. The court documents stated that police have requested that Talley should be held without bail because of his mental health state.

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