What Taylor Swift's '4.26' could mean: New music, a TS7 album or something else altogether?

What Taylor Swift's '4.26' could mean: New music, a TS7 album or something else altogether?
Taylor Swift (Getty Images)

Over the last two days, Taylor Swift has been teasing fans with a countdown to April 26 across her social media platforms. 

This teasing has left fans going crazy trying to guess what the singer is teasing about. Either Swift is way too excited about the release of 'Avengers: Endgame' or maybe they are clues to her new track that she will release on that date. Whatever it might be, it sure has her fans sitting on pins waiting for the countdown to end.

Starting from Friday night, the singer first posted a picture of some heart-shaped jewelry filled with pink stones. She captioned her picture 4.26. After that, she posted another picture later on Sunday. The picture uploaded was a pair of hands accessorized with various rings and pastel nails. The pink-and-blue polish is laid against the backdrop of a light lemon yellow blazer, that goes well with the overall pastel aesthetic of Swift's current social media handles. The picture had the same caption as the previous one. 

Fans were left impatient with nothing else revealed but just a whole lot of speculation and theories as to what she might be up to. Following her pictures on Friday and Sunday, the singer was at it again when she posted a picture of pink lace ruffles with the same caption yet again. This has left fans growing even more impatient than before as they try their best to speculate what the award-winning singer has in store for her fans. 

"THERE'S FOR SURE SOMETHING BIG ON 4.26 DAMN TAYLOR WE GET IT," wrote a fan on Twitter. Another added, "Okay. These are like the three videos of the snake for the rep era. The next picture will be announcing the single and the album. Ksksksksk." said another fan. 

Swift's posts are having the same effect as to how social media went crazy when Miley Cyrus revealed that she is back on Twitter, and her tease on new music that she kept uploading for days. What exactly could each upload hint at? Could they be a part of her new TS7 album art? Or could it be clues to her new album? Maybe the first look from her new music video for her next single? Or could it all mean something else completely, like a new fashion label that the iconic singer is planning to launch? Only time will tell us what it means as we reach April 26.

Though fans might be in all seriousness speculating that Swift's pictures might be a tease to her upcoming album or single, we might never know this might be the tease to the launch of a new jewelry label by the singer. After all, in two of her pictures she does showcase a lot of bling, starting from the heart-shaped stoned ornament, to the rings she is seen wearing in the second picture.


Though fans are impatient and are going levels with their speculations, Swift is still playing the silent game. Meanwhile, the joke out on Twitter is that it won't be the Avengers who will finally defeat their arch nemesis, but rather Taylor who will defeat Thanos, given the clashing date! Fan accounts are even going to the extent of calling Swift "Thanos' Endgame" since she too, coincidentally, has a song called 'Endgame'. Jokes aside, we do not know when she will post the next clue, but all we know is that whatever it is, it will be as teasing as her previous three uploads. 


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