Is Taylor Swift reigniting feud with Scooter Braun? Fans are convinced 'Mad Woman' in 'Folklore' targets him

Is Taylor Swift reigniting feud with Scooter Braun? Fans are convinced 'Mad Woman' in 'Folklore' targets him
Taylor Swift, Scooter Braun (Getty Images)

When people around the world are discussing Taylor Swift’s eighth album ‘Folklore’, which dropped a few hours ago, her fans have taken it upon themselves to decipher the lyrics of her songs, which has given rise some interesting theories. After wondering if the singer came out using the lyrics of 'Betty', which is being dubbed "extremely gay", Swift’s fans are now busy drawing meaning out of another song titled 'Mad Woman'.

Referring to her infamous feud with record executive and investor Scooter Braun from 2019, when she accused them of acquiring the rights over her first six studio albums, the majority of the fans have noted that she’s specifically targeting Braun using the lyrics of 'Mad Woman'. Last year on November 14, the singer called out Braun and Big Machine's CEO and founder Scott Borchetta publicly for gaining ownership of all her previous works, without keeping her informed about the same. 

The beef got uglier when Borchetta claimed that Swift was manipulating the facts and presenting half the truth to her fans. Meanwhile, Swift received support from several celebrities including Justin Bieber, who opened up about his experience of working with Big Machine Records. 

On July 23, after listening to 'Mad Woman' fans have expressed on Twitter that the song was penned by Swift with Braun on her mind. The lyrics read, "What a shame she went mad, no one likes a mad woman. You made her like that. And you’ll poke that bear till the claws come out and find something to wrap your noose around."

Reacting to the lyrics one fan wrote, "Mad woman: really highlights making someone out into a 'mad' version of themselves, finding a way to make them a villain. Possibly about Scooter? We all know how he scorned Taylor." While another added, “MAD WOMAN, is about taylor speaking and singing about scott borchetta selling taylors masters to scooter braun & she’s gonna sing how she feels about it, and it’s gonna be like a blank space about how the media portrays her as some kinda 'mad woman' idk tho #Folklore."

Adding to the previous tweets one fan wrote, "Mad woman — I love Taylor's flair for playing into the typical women stereotypes and this is the biggest mic drop. I don't think it's a secret this is a jab at Scooter and Scott when they made counterclaims that Taylor is the one twisting the truth."


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