Taylor Swift drops clues about upcoming music in Nashville butterfly mural

Taylor Swift drops clues about upcoming music in Nashville butterfly mural

Taylor Swift has had everyone in anticipation with a two-week-long countdown and the pop star dropped hints at her upcoming project in an Instagram story. The singer is ready to surprise us at midnight Friday, as she began giving out clues about upcoming new music through a butterfly mural.

As she appeared at The Gulch in Nashville, Tennessee, she posed in front of a butterfly mural, created by street artist Kelsey Montague, with the word "ME!" written in the middle of the mural. Swift had already stated on her Instagram story that the mural would have clues about the upcoming music. 

She had explained on her Instagram story, "OK so we've commissioned this butterfly mural to be painted on a wall in Nashville and put clues about the song and the new music in the mural. So I'm going to go show up. The butterfly mural is painted by Kelsey Montague who painted one of my favorite murals in New York. And, uh, let's go see what happens."

In a separate Instagram post, where Swift is seen posing with spread-out arms in front of the mural, she wrote, "So... @kelseymontagueart helped me pull off the best surprise clue reveal today in Nashville!! Thank you to everyone who showed up, I’ve never been more proud of your FBI level detective skills. Next clue: I’ll be joining the magnificent @robinrobertsgma for a chat tonight on ABC live from Nashville 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕."

Swift has been counting down the release of her new music. (Instagram Stories)

This surprise was long awaited since back in the 2018 American Music Awards, Swift had hinted at her "next chapter", after winning Favorite Pop/Rock Album. Taking the stage, she said, "Guys, I always look at albums as chapters in my life. And I'm so—to the fans, I'm so happy that you like this one. I'm so happy that this means that you like this one. But I have to be really honest with you about something. I'm even more excited about the next chapter."

The mural actually teases quite a lot about her upcoming song. If looked closely the mural actually contains a cat, a rainbow, a lot of hearts and with the word "ME" on it, we can assume that the song will be themed around the idea of self-love. 



Fans absolutely cannot get enough of this surprise, as several began to post stories with the butterfly filter on Instagram which Swift, later on, shared on her stories. Some even commented on her Twitter post, and it is pretty clear her fans can't wait for the release.


One fan wrote, "I am so excited for new music and lyrics and happiness of listening to a new song all over again." Another mentioned, "Taylor, you were so graceful today and it makes me feel so happy to know that you planned this all FOR US. LOVE YOU SO MUCH." After all, Selena Gomez too teased about Swift's upcoming song, when she said, "Oh yeah! Oh my goodness yeah, it’s amazing, you just wait!”

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