Taylor Swift gets 'death note' from stalker Eric Swarbrick; court issues restraining order

In a collection of letters spanning over 24 months, the pop star's stalker threatened that if he wasn't given his due attention, he would kill Taylor Swift

                            Taylor Swift gets 'death note' from stalker Eric Swarbrick; court issues restraining order
Taylor Swift (Getty Images)

Taylor Swift has had quite a number of creepy stalkers. While some have devotedly appeared in front of her house with a knife (how thoughtful), others have been simply content with feeling at home in her house to the extent of walking in, taking a shower, and happily taking a good tight nap. However, Taylor's latest stalker, Eric Swarbrick, has taken stalking to a whole different level. 

The 28-year-old pop star's lawyer has filed a restraining order against 26-year-old Swarbrick, who has been harassing Swift and her manager, Jesse 'Jay' Schaudies, for the last two years through letters.

In the most recent email that he sent to the CEO of Big Machine Records Scott Borchetta marked as 'End Line', the stalker had written, "I want to rape Taylor Swift. This is why I hate Taylor herself. I’ve not only been a danger to others but because of that a danger to myself… This is why I’m the last person in the world that she wants to be with because I want to rape her and her specifically…. This is how I know I am Taylor’s soulmate, I want to rape her and her specifically. Not just anybody. Just her."

The stalker had also written a letter to Swift in February 2017 where he suggested that the two engage in some "social adventure". He wrote, "That ’s when you know you’re on an adventure: you don’t know what’s gonna to happen. Maybe this ends in some sort of relationship, or maybe it ends with us exchanging a letter or two and then never communicating on a personal level again. Either way, I’m willing to accept and respect whatever end we come to.” As his letters grew even more threatening over the last 24 months, Swarbrick eventually addressed his own psychological issues pleading Swift to protect him through his episodes. 

"Will you protect me from any unnecessary psychological triggers, and walk with me through the necessary ones?” Needless to say, by now Swift and her manager, Jesse, were equally terrified of the consequences. What confirmed their fear was when Swarbrick mentioned that he had Swift's New York residential address. In another threatening letter to Borchetta, Swarbrick wrote, "Keep f-cking with me, Scott. I f-cking dare you to ignore me one more time – thereby empowering me to become strong and independent enough to tear Taylor limb from limb (thereby pushing her to kill herself, and you to go out of business)."

Following these threatening claims, Swarbrick was restrained by Judge Joe Binkley from contacting Taylor Swift or her manager, or any associates, via phone, text, letters, or social media. The court has also ordered him to stay away from Swift and Jesse's places of residence, and not to involve in his social media activities. There are several other adjustments for Swarbrick to take care of and those can be viewed here