'City of Lover': Taylor Swift's concert is all the calm you need amid this pandemic, say fans

The parts aired included Swift performing some of her top hits and fans thanked her for bringing them together during the pandemic

                            'City of Lover': Taylor Swift's concert is all the calm you need amid this pandemic, say fans
Taylor Swift (Getty Images)

Taylor Swift's one-off 'City of Lover' concert in Paris, France, was finally available for fans to watch tonight.The concert, which included performances of 'Me!', 'The Archer', 'Death by a Thousand Cuts', 'Cornelia Street', 'The Man', 'Daylight', 'You Need to Calm Down' and 'Lover', in addition to songs from previous albums, was aired in a one-hour special on ABC. The concert will also be available for on-demand streaming on Hulu and Disney+ starting from May 18, 2020.

Fans were also ecstatic to be able to see Swift bring some of her best performances to life, and 'You Need to Calm Down' was a clear winner for the night. "JE SUIS NOT CALM!!" stated one fan, while another said, "YOU GUYS HOW ARE YOU? I'M TOTALLY NOT OKAY." Another said, "The yntcd visuals and choreography kinda breathe a new life into me every time i see them.... #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover thank you." Another said, "'CAUSE SHADE NEVER MADE ANYBODY LESS GAY'," adding, "YOU TELL THEM QUEEN TAYLOR. TELL THEM HATERS @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover."

Taylor Swift performs on ABC's 'Good Morning America' at SummerStage at Rumsey Playfield, Central Park on August 22, 2019, in New York City (Getty Images)

During the show, Taylor Nation tweeted, "Love is equality #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover," reaffirming Swift's commitment to fighting to equal rights for the LGBTQIA++ communities. One fan responded, "Queen of making me feel accepted," another stated, "THANK YOU FOR STANDING UP AND FIGHTING FOR US TAYLOR #[email protected] @taylorswift13 #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover," and one fan shared, "Taylor swift is the only straight girl with rights #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover."

Many also shared how the concert was helping them make it through the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

"I’m so glad that the #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover is bringing us together during the pandemic @taylorswift13 @taylornation13," tweeted one fan, another stated, "Thank you so much for doing this for us, Taylor. Things are so hard for everyone right now and this has brought so much joy to me and so many others. Seeing you perform live brings nothing but pure happiness. I love loving you. @taylorswift13 #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover." One fan shared, "Quarantine has been really isolating, lonely, boring, stressful and #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover is really taking my mind off of certain worries thank you so much @taylorswift13 @ABC #CityOfLover #CityOfLoverConcert."

Taylor Swift attends the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards at Prudential Center on August 26, 2019, in Newark, New Jersey (Getty Images)

Fans also sent Swift their love for creating music that speaks to them. One fan stated, "Thank you so much for writing and making music we can relate to, I always feel so connected to you through your songs, so much that I started crying and my sister hugged me, she's 8 and also a swiftie!!! @taylorswift13 #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover," and another shared, "This defines my relationship with my mental health so much it’s like she’s been through my head. that’s what i love the most about her powerful songwriting ⁦@taylorswift13⁩ ⁦@taylornation13⁩ #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover," along with a link to Swift's 'The Archer (Live From Paris)' performance.

Some fans were upset, however, that only parts of the concert were aired as opposed to the entire show. "Why didn’t they broadcast the entire show? #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover," asked one fan, to which another simply said, "Scooter."

"I hate you," tweeted another fan, followed by a scooter emoji, adding, "for not allowing us to have the full concert #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover." These tweets most likely refer to Scooter Braun, with whom Swift has had a long-standing feud owing to Braun's alleged bullying in addition to him purchasing her catalog, allegedly without Swift's knowledge or consent.

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