Taylor Swift's dared to cover a 70's classic but it did not go as planned

Taylor Swift's cover of a 70's classic did not sit well with some who called her out for it while some people were in favor of it.

                            Taylor Swift's dared to cover a 70's classic but it did not go as planned
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Taylor Swift recently released a cover of  Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1978 soul classic 'September'. In a true Taylor Swift style, she decided to change up some part of the lyrics and decided to add a touch of Easter to the classic. 

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The original song 'September' begins with the line, "Do you remember the 21st night of September?" while Taylor Swift's cover has the line "Do you remember the 28th night of September." For most listeners, the date could just be random but for the diehard Swift fans, the date is most likely a reference to her relationship with Joe Alwyn which started on September 28th, 2016. 

Along with Spotify, the pop star released a stripped-down, acoustic version of both 'Delicate' her own song, and 'September'. However, the acoustic version of September takes away from the essence of the song entirely and did not sit well with many Twitter users. 

Writer Michael Arceneaux wrote, "If you were curious to hear what unseasoned boiled chicken breast sounded like in song, take a listen to Taylor Swift cover Earth, Wind & Fire." 


Shondaland editor Kendra James commented, "Taylor Swift covering Earth Wind and Fire is the exact kind of evil the Devil tries to bring to pass on Friday the 13th. I suggest tossing some salt over your shoulder keeping it moving."

On the other end of the spectrum, many of her loyal fans and followers of taking their hatred too far and are supporting Swift. According to singer Dean Boudreau, "Honestly, everyone is entitled to their tastes/opinions but the Taylor Swift backlash flock mentality has more than gotten old. So what if she recorded a cover and you think it's boring. How many boring cover songs exist in the world? Did you write thinkpieces about all of them?"

A loyal Taylor fan wrote, "angry about Taylor swift’s September cover? fear not for I have a stunningly elegant and creative solution! step 1: don’t listen to it step 2: continue to not listen to it step 3: repeat".